Qualifiers for the College Women’s 4x400m Championship of America
Event #255, Saturday, 5:40 pm
Lane Bib School
2 H UTech
3 G Seton Hall
5 E Miami (Fla)
6 A Texas A&M
7 B Penn State
8 C South Carolina
9 D Louisiana State

Revised qualifiers for the College Women’s 4x400m College final
Event #254, Saturday, 5:35 pm
Ln Bib School
1 H St. Augustine’s
2 K Georgia State
3 G Md/Eastern Shore
4 F North Carolina
5 E Hampton
6 A Auburn
7 B Texas Christian
8 C G.C. Foster
9 D Florida State
I Bethune-Cookman
J North Carolina A&T

Revised qualifiers for the College Women’s 4x400m ECAC final
Event #258, Saturday, 5:55 pm
Ln Bib School
2 I James Madison
3 H Cornell
4 G Connecticut
5 F Brown
6 A Morgan State
7 B Georgetown
8 D Maryland
9 E Villanova
J Delaware State
K George Mason

NOTE: We have a correction to the ECAC and College 4x400s for the women on Saturday. In short, we (I) made the silly mistake of putting Georgia State in the ECAC race (where it did not belong). So now we present the amended versions at roughly 11:30 am on Friday.