We’ll be watching 4×100’s for the next few hours, and will be posting fast times to this blog (sub-47).

Edwin Allen (Jamaica) won the first heat in 45.28 ! . . . . Saint Jago (Jamaica), 46.33. Those were the only two sub-47 times for the small school division.

In the large schools, Landstown (VA) has run 47.11, and Long Beach Poly (CA) has run 47.23.

Vere Tech (Jamaica) just ran a 46.26 . . . . our first large school sub-47.

Thanks to our awesome webmaster, on the results website they will actually have a updated ranked list almost instantaneously after each heat. Scroll down past the heat results to see the list.

This would also be a good time to point out how fast the races are run – virtually every 3-4 minutes for 4×100’s – we’ll have literally hundreds and hundreds of times available.

We’ll make a new post at the top of the blog.