We have the High School Girls DMR on the track.

Saratoga Springs took an early lead in the 1200, but was caught by Warwick Valley (NY) and Holy Name (NY). Unofficially 3:33.4 for Warwick Valley in the 1200.

The 400 leg has length the lead for Warwick Valley (unofficial 56.8), lead at the 2nd exchange about 40 yards.

Roxbury (NJ) has caught Warwick Valley at the end of the 800 leg. 1600 to go.

With 3 to go, we have 3 teams in a tight bunch. Warwick Valley, Roxbury, and Saratoga is back in the mix with Hannah Davidson.

With one to go, we have Roxbury followed by Saratoga.

A very close finish ! The 3rd and 4th fastest times ever . . . . . Roxbury in 11:42.16 and Saratoga in 11:42.49.

However, following closely behind was Southern Regional of New Jersey, anchored by Jill Smith. Smith passed a slew of teams on her leg of the relay, and has run a 4:42 1600 split, which is the fastest 1600 split in meet history.

The previous record was held by Alejandra Barrientos in 4:44.