HurdlersFriday’s events began at 8:47 a.m. — 13 minutes ahead of schedule. The first event, the college men’s 400-meter hurdles, went to Yeison Rivas of Turabo (Puerto Rico) in 50.49 (out of heat 5), with Jason Richardson of South Carolina second in 50.54 (the winner of heat 3). Full results are here.

“I was trying the strategy of accelerating just a little bit before the hurdles, so I could keep my pace,” Rivas said through an interpreter.
“The third and fourth hurdles, I brushed the top. They were the worst of the hurdles.”

Richardson won his heat, which featured three South Carolina hurdlers.

“We have a rich tradition of hurdling and we take that tradition with us to each track we run on,” Richardson said. “We know that because we wear that South Carolina name, we have to go out there perform and have a good race.

“Penn Relays is like practice. Nationals is like practice. You have two 50-point hurdlers that you work out with every day. It creates that competitiveness that is replicated when you get to these meets.”