Our next event, following the 2nd Michigan/Tennessee Women’s battle in the 4×1500 (Sarah Bowman vs. Nicole Edwards Part II), is the unique 4×200 event. This event utilizes the 4 turn stagger, which creates a bit of mystery because one isn’t necessarily sure who is in the lead until the 3rd or 4th runner. Baton passes are also critical for the faster teams – there are usually more baton problems in the 4×200 than the 4×100, interestingly enough.

Not surprisingly, as the 4×200 event is rare, collegiate records and world records have been set here at the Penn Relays. The meet record is 1:19.67 by TCU in 2000, featuring world champion Kim Collins.

Heat 1: Florida State, 1:23.81
Heat 2: Florida 1:22.80
Heat 3: Tennessee has run 1:21.55, which is a collegiate leader for 2008.
Heat 4: Mississippi State 1:23.05
Heat 5: Abilene Christian 1:24.93
Heat 6: East Carolina 1:24.69

We’ll await the qualifiers to tomorrow’s final and post them to you as soon as possible.