Friday MorningAfter a late night for the Relays’ bloggers (except me), we are back at Franklin Field bright and early. At least I am.

We have had some inquiries about the process here at Penn that yields quick results with names and splits as well as the blog and photos. And the truth is that it is the culmination of a lot of work from a lot of people.

Mark Grosso and his team are embedded in the clerking area and are responsible for plugging in the names of the relays teams. The folks at FinishLynx, headed by Roger and Tom Jennings as well as Cody Branch, time the event which is then immediately displayed on the scoreboard.

At that point a little file is sent airborne where it is snared by Dipen Shah, who has the power to catch it and make it display on the results page. At the same time, Relays bloggers Rich Sands and Josh Seeherman, add a little flavor and post to the blog.

All the while, a team of dedicated photographers are shooting images and handing them over to Alex Searle, who is responsible for posting them online. And working with Alex on the field will also be Frank Bertucci and his group of interview takers.

When it works correctly, it comes together to bring you both the flavor and the facts of the Carnival. You just have to imagine the noise, the breeze and the smell of the funnel cake.

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