The College Men’s 4×200 Championship is on the track . . . with our top seeds being Tennessee, St. Augustine’s, Florida, and Mississippi State.

Florida has had a bad 2nd handoff, and is out of contention !

Tennessee wins in 1:22.20, followed by Florida State in 1:23.01 and Mississippi State in 1:23.19.

Quotes: Tennessee 2nd Leg Evander Wells on the Penn Relays

This is my second year here, so it felt good. We had the option to go to Drake or the Penn Relays, we chose the Penn Relays because we just like the environment here”

On running after the bad handoff by Florida

“I was hoping they were in it, staying in for the SEC. I felt like we still would have had them, but it would have been a better race, better to watch, better for the people in it.”

“[The bad handoff] doesn’t really effect your race that much because you go in there and try to win it anyway, so things like that are just a minor thing.”