Our next high school championship is the 4×800. Our top 5 qualifying teams are Hillsborough (NJ), Washington Township (NJ), Manchester (Jamaica), Albermarle (VA), and Kellenberg Memorial (NY). Hillsborough’s top seed time is 7:47.

Unofficially at the first handoff, its Jamaica College in 1:57.4. Many teams are in the mix at this point.

2nd Exchange, its Manchester of Jamaica followed by North Penn (PA). The halfway time was 3:51.

The third leg of North Penn has opened up a big lead in the last 200of his race. At the last handoff they have a 40 meter lead, but two excellent Jamaican teams are taking chase.

Manchester of Jamaica runs an excellent leg and catches North Penn.  Manchester’s time is 7:43.22, North Penn (PA) in 7:44.39, and Calabar of Jamaica in 7:47.53.  A great race for all participants.