Local runner returns (again) to compete in Olympic Development USA vs. the World Sprint Medley Relay

Reported by Jennifer Reardon, Temple University

After spending her high school and college years competing at the Penn Relays, Haddonfield Memorial High and University of North Carolina graduate Erin Donohue returned to the Penn Relays on Saturday to compete in the Olympic Development USA vs. the World Sprint Medley Relay.

“I’ve been coming here since even before high school,” Donohue said. “My dad would take me to watch the races. For me, I’ve been racing at meets all around the world now and this is still my favorite because of the crowd and how it brings together high schools, colleges, and professionals. It feels great just to be able to come back here year after year.”

Donohue has been doing just that and, to top it all off, has won at each level. As a high school senior she finished in the top spot in the mile run. As a Tar Heel, she competed in the 4X800. Last year Donohue won the mile in the women’s Olympic Development event, which led to her inclusion in 2008’s Olympic Development USA vs. the World Sprint Medley Relay.

“I always like the relays because I played team sports in high school like soccer and basketball,” Donohue said. “A lot of times you never have that same kind of camaraderie that you have in team sports when you’re running. So it’s kind of nice to be on a team and be rooting for somebody else besides myself, too. ”

Despite her team’s (USA Blue) last place finish, Donohue still has a lot to look forward to in the upcoming weeks including, possibly, the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing.

“Next week I’m looking forward to going down to Jamaica and Jamaica Internationals in Kingston and running the 800,” Donohue said. “The girl who anchored for Jamaica today [Kenia Sinclair] is going to be there. Hopefully it’ll be a good race and I can do well. I think I have as good a chance as anybody [in the Jamaica Internationals and in making the Summer Olympics]. I’ve been racing really well. I just have to stay on top of my training and I think I’m going to give it a good shot.”