Here are the line-ups (1200-400-800-1600):

Canada — Matt Lincoln, Adam Johnson, Andrew Heaney, Taylor Milne

Kenya — Boaz Cheboiywo, Thomas Musembi, Jackson Kivuna, Josephat Kithii

USA Blue — Nick Symmonds, David Neville, Jonathan Johnson, Christian Smith

USA Red — Kevin Hicks, Andrew Rock, Chris Lukezic, Sean O’Brien

World All-Stars — Christoph Lohse, Brian Steele, Ismael Kombich, Boniface Songok

And they’re off! Symmonds takes the early lead, with Lincoln in second. Symmonds at about 56.2 at 400 meters. Kenya moves into second as Symmonds continues to lead at 800 meters in 1:52.2. Symmonds leads is up to 20 meters at the 1000 mark. He hands off at 2:51.1.

Neville opens it up on the 400, with Andrew Rock in second, 35 meters back. Neville splits 45.5.

Jonathan Johnson looks smooth on his 800 leg. The World All-Stars move into second with a little less than a lap to go in the leg. Kenya is fourth. Johnson splits 1:48.5, maintaining a 15-meter lead.

Kithii moves into second as the field closes on Smith. The field catches him at 500 meters. Kenya is first followed by the All-Stars and the two American teams. Looks like it will be a sit-and-kick affair. O’Brien moves into the lead with 250 meters to go. Kithii comes roaring back to hit the line first in 9:29.79. USA Red holds second in 9:30.66.

Results — with FinishLynx splits — are posted here.