Following the women, we’ll have the men on the track in the 4×400. This will be Penn’s first view of Jeremy Wariner, anchoring the top US team.

The US has two excellent teams. The USA Blue team has LaShawn Merritt, Wallace Spearmon, Darold Williamson, and Jeremy Wariner. However, the USA Red team is very good as well, with Xavier Carter, Bershawn Jackson, Kerron Clement, and Angelo Taylor. Perhaps the intermediate hurdlers have challenged the flat 400 runners to a race ?

We also have teams from Jamaica, a Caribbean All-Star team, the Bahamas, and for the first time Zimbabwe and Saudi Arabia.

Merritt has run an excellent lead off and handed off in the lead.
Thanks to a great leg by Bershawn Jackson, the two US teams are neck and neck with Jamaica stalking the pace.

On the final leg, Jeremy Wariner received the baton and put on the jets to stave off Angelo Taylor. Unofficially, his split was under 44 seconds. The USA team wins in 2:59.71.

Results are posted here.