Click here a story worth a look. It was written nearly 54 years ago, appearing in the May, 2, 1955, issue of Sports Illustrated, which featured a sprinting Tom Courtney of Fordham on the cover.

Here is an excerpt:

“Franklin Field is on the awe-inspiring site to begin with, because it is the birthplace of modern relay running. It all started in 1895 when Frank B. Ellis, chairman of Pennsylvania’s track committee, was looking around for a suitable event to mark the dedication of the school’s newly built stadium — Franklin Field. He recalled that two years earlier, during his senior year at Penn, his school and Princeton had engaged in a one-mile relay race in which four runners from each school each ran a quarter of a mile. That race in turn had been an outgrowth of intramural relay races held at Penn.

“Ellis and others arranged a series of relay races to take place on Saturday afternoon, April 20, 1895. A total of 64 competitors from eight colleges, six prep schools and two high schools took part. Eight two-team races were run with Harvard beating Penn in the mile-relay feature in 3:34.4.”

Oh, and check out this photo!