Calabar had a slight lead at the final exchange, but Albemarle pulled away to win heat 3

Calabar had a slight lead at the final exchange, but Albemarle pulled away to win heat 3

Our first relay of the day is the high school boys 4×800.

We’ll have 4 heats, taking the Top 12 to the finals tomorrow.

Heat 1: 2nd exchange, Bellefield Comprehensive (JA) followed by Lawrenceville (NJ).  Bellefield leads by about 40 meters.  Great Neck South (NY) makes a great move to take the lead at the final exchange in 5:54, followed by Lawrenceville.

Lawrenceville has a very strong anchor to win in 7:49, with Bellefield following in 7:53 and Henderson in 7:54.

Heat 2:  Morris Hills leads at the first exchange; they were 2nd at Nike Indoor Nationals.  They still lead at the 2nd exchange, with Christiana (DE) in 2nd place.  Morris Hills is still in front in 5:53, with Christiana . . . . they are way in front of this heat.

Morris Hills wins by a large margin in 7:47, with Phoenixville catching Christiana in 8:01.

Heat 3: This heat has Albermarle (VA), the best distance HS relay team in the country (they the won the 4×800 indoors in a new record 7:39), as well as two reliable schools from Jamaica (Kingston College and Calabar).  Not surprisingly, Albermarle leads after the first exchange.  Calabar (JA) has a good 2nd leg, taking the slight lead over Albermarle, followed by Transit Tech (NY) and New Rochelle (NY).  9 teams in this heat have run under 8:00 this year.  The two teams are side by side at the last exchange, 5:54.

Albermarle wins in 7:49, Calabar, 7:51, Abington (PA), 7:52, North Penn (PA), 7:54.

Heat 4:  This heat is just as strong as #3, with 9 teams under 8:00 this year.  We have a very tight group after one exchange.  Jamaica College is in the lead at the 2nd exchange with Half Hollow Hills West (NY) and Central Bucks South (PA) right behind.  Central Bucks South leads by a hair over Jamaica College and Washington Township (NJ) at the final exchange.  Buoyed by an excellent anchor, Washington Township wins in 7:49, with Central Bucks South 2nd in 7:51.  Jamaica College was 3rd in 7:54.

Both the 3rd and 4th heats had 10 teams under 8:00 (!).