Event #256, the College Women’s Championship.  We have had a number of fast times today, and the college women should not disappoint (although there is a breeze here at Franklin Field now).

The leading qualifier was UTech from Jamaica in 3:34, but Texas A&M and Florida State are right on their heels with 3:36 and 3:37.

At the first exchange, it is indeed UTech in the lead, but TCU takes the lead at the break.

UTech retakes the lead, with TCU and Texas A&M right behind.  A&M is attempting the sprints trifecta.

UTech has opened a big lead in the last exchange, which may be insurmountable.

and for the first time, the University of Technology from Jamaica has won the 4×400.  They are the first international school to win this event ever in relays history.  Their winning time was 3:30 . . . . full results here.