OK, here we go: For the next four hours we’ve got heats of the high school boys 4×400.

We’ll keep you posted on the top times. You can find the running ranked list here.

It took 25 sections, but we have our first sub-3:20 of the day, Fordham Prep at 3:18.68.

And now the Jamaican teams are starting to run and the crowd is coming alive. But it’s Rancho Verde of Moreno Valley, CA, that wows ’em, running 3:13.75. The stacked heat saw 5 teams go sub-3:20: West Potomac (VA) 3:15.27, Wolmer’s Boys (JAM) 3:15.69, Altoona Area (PA) 3:15.77 and Columbia (NJ) 3:19.54. Results for that heat are here.

St. Jago (JAM) clocks 3:14.19 in another stacked heat, with five under 3:20: Junipero Serra (CA) 3:16.43, Queen’s Royal College (Trinidad) 3:16.81, Rahway (NJ) 3:17.59 and CH Flowers (MD) 3:19.29.

Calabar (3:14.62) held off fellow Jamaican schools Munro College (3:14.78) and Vere Tech (3:15.35) to win the next section. It looks like you’ll need to break 3:16 (!) to make the championship final.

Maybe not as fast, but still noteworthy: Penn Charter just broke a 37-year-old record for the Inter-Ac League race: 3:21.06. The old record, 3:24.5 (for 4×440 yards), was run in 1972 by Episcopal Academy.