Action in the DMR (Photo Kim Spir)

Perhaps overshadowed by the events in the 4×100, the USA-vs-The-World Distance Medley has a fantastic slate.  This event produced the World Best and the American record in the 2006 edition.  Both Kenya and Morocco have outstanding fields in this race, including Amine Laalou.

Our 1200 leg was in 2:52, with Kenya with a slight lead.  USA had the lead at the start of the 800, with Jacob Hernandez running.  This is also the debut of sorts of well known Australian runner Ryan Gregson.  Kenya had the bronze medalist from 2008 running this leg as well !

Kenya, both USA teams, and Canada were all together at the 1600 start.  Leonel Manzano and David Torrence ran the 1600 meter legs.  The slow pace allowed Australia back in the field.

Kenya wins in a blanket finish over the two USA teams – less than 0.1 separated the three teams.  Morocco came from way back to take 4th, with Laalou running an event best 3:55.

Kenyans on the Victory Stand (Photo Kim Spir)