Kenia Sinclair leads in the USA-vs-The World SMR (Photo Kim Spir)

Our first professional race is the women’s sprint medley.  This has a great set of runners, including the anchor of last year’s world best, Kenia Sinclair.  The US will also have Anna Willard Pierce, winner of the World Athletic Final in the 800m, on the anchor of one of the USA teams.

Kerron Stewart ran a monster 200m leg to give Jamaica a lead, but Sheena Tosta caught Olympic gold medalist Melanie Walker to create a great showdown in the 800m.

. . . . but Kenia Sinclair, again, runs an outstanding 800m leg and pulls out the victory just off their world best last year.  The final results are posted here, with a sparkling 1:57 by Sinclair.