We have some quotes from some of our USA athletes that attended today’s press conference.

Kenia Sinclair (Seton Hall, Jamaica)

“I have been running in the Penn Relays since high school and it has always been an exciting meet. Just to come out here and perform for the Jamaican fans and just give them what they want and just go there and focus on myself and do what I have to do and I’ll be successful. Since high school there was not any good memories here at the Penn Relays. Always coming to race in the Penn Relays tends to freak us out and in the crowd. It gets better as the races goes on.”

Sanya Richards-Ross (Texas, USA)

“I suffered an injury here last year at the Penn Relays in my quad and I tried to recover in time for Nationals in June but wasn’t successful so I took the reminder of the season off. I feel great. I feel fresh. This is going to be my first year running not coming off a season of running eight or nine 400 hundreds, so hopefully it will payoff and I’ll be more fresh . I am not putting too much pressure on myself for the first half of the season to get back and get in the swing of things and hopefully round out into shape just in time for the world championships.    Allyson and I have been competitive for a long time and I think we have a great deal of respect for each other . I don’t think our decisions will be based on if she decides or if I decide. I am going to make a decision based on how my training is going and how successful my season has been this year. Hopefully we compete against each other in the Olympics, just like we did in high school and throughout our career.”

Phoebe Wright (Tennessee, USA)

“I was kind of worried about the transition from going from a collegiate to a professional. My coach has helped me be accountable pretty much everyday, multiple hours a day making sure I’ve been on track. We set out goals and it’s been a surprise, but it’s also meetings expectations as well.  I love Penn. And I love having a team and purpose behind the team. This is the perfect combination for a good race.”

Also, a few quotes from a few members of the Philadelphia Flyers who stopped by to check out the races:

This is my first year at the Penn Relays. I am just here to see how it all works. It looks pretty interesting.  The hurdles are pretty fun. They are pretty aggressive. It is pretty cool to look at how they are in shape. It is pretty interesting.” -Andrea Nodl

“I don’t think I could run the hurdles. I used to do a little track and field when I was in high school but I stuck to the javelin, the easy events but I am not a runner.” -Dan Carcillo

“I have never been to the Penn Relays. I have been in Philly for awhile and I have always heard about it. It is something that we heard about and we had to chance to come check it out and it is pretty neat.”-Jeff Carter