Robby Andrews in a position we have seen before - #2 All-Time at Penn (Photo Kim Spir)

Similar to last year, the college men’s 4×800 championship was highly anticipated.  There were a number of good teams in this race, but perhaps again with no clear favorite, although defending champion Virginia was returning with their speedy anchor, Robby Andrews.

The first exchange had Arkansas, followed by Penn State and Virginia.  Arkansas opened up a nice 30 meter lead on the second leg, but it was quickly swallowed up by the peloton led by Penn State.  Penn State and Virginia would pass Arkansas before the halfway mark, with Sam Borchers of Penn State running a 1:47.

Penn State (Cas Loxsom) and Virginia (Robby Andrews) would receive the baton neck and neck at the final exchange, after a sharp duel between 3rd legs Ryan Foster (PSU) and Anthony Kostelac (VA).  Mike Preble of Texas A&M made up significant ground on the penultimate lap but could not maintain it throughout.

Loxsom would push the pace the entire last lap, trying to take the starch out of the Cavalier’s anchor, but Andrews dropped the hammer with 150 to go passing the Nittany Lions and right into history with a 7:12.15, Penn State following with 7:12.90.  This was the first race in some time that threatened the legendary 7:11 by Penn State in 1985 and is #2 AT.  Penn State’s time was #6 and their fastest time since the famous record.  Andrews split was 1:46.0.