The winning 4x400 (Photo Kim Spir)

Certainly it would be tough for the men to duplicate the excitement of the women’s race, but that’s exactly what happened.

The Bahamas and the USA red team led at the cut-in, with Grenada hanging tough at the handoff.  Bershawn Jackson opened a good lead on the third leg, and Angelo Taylor brought it home in 3:02.40.  Chris Brown of the Bahamas ran a 44 split to bring his team all the way to second place.

The winning team consisted of Quentin Summers, Jamal Torrence, Bershawn Jackson, and Angelo Taylor.  12 full years now separate Taylor’s first victory as the anchor of Georgia Tech’s winning 4×400 in 1998 and today’s great race.

We also believe that the third place 3:04.69 by Grenada was a national record.