Herman J. Mancini Award
Named for its first honoree. Established to honor an active official for continued meritorious service to the Relays
2008—Leroy T. Walker
2007—Stanley Johnson
2006—Bob Farley
2005—Frank Greenberg
2004—John Haines
2003—Bob Glascott
2002—Lou Nicastro
2001—Harris Zimmerman
2000—Jack O’Reilly
1999—Jim Tuppeny
1998—Herman Mancini

J. Kenneth Doherty Award
Named for the Penn Relays director from 1951 to 1969. Established to honor a retired or deceased official for meritorious service to the Relays
2008—Ben Kreitzberg
2007—Howard Schmertz
2006—David W. Brown
2005—Robert A. Detweiler
2004—Raymond J. Bradley
2003—George W. Orton
2002—H. Jamison Swarts
2001—Gustavus Town Kirby
2000—J. Kenneth Doherty

Jesse Abramson Award
Named for one of the most respected men to ever write about track and field. Established to recognize a currently active member of the media who has consistently demonstrated a devotion to the Relays
2008—Edwin Mahan, Relays Photo Operations
2007—Harry Chaykun, Delaware County Times
2006—David Evangelista, Relays Press Operations
2005—Mike Kern, Philadelphia Daily News
2004—Derek Alvez and George Kochman, Staten Island Advance
2003—Reuben Frank, Burlington County Times
2002—Neil Amdur, New York Times
2001—Bert Rosenthal, Associated Press
2000—Ted Silary, Philadelphia Daily News
1999—Marc Bloom, Runner’s World
1998—Joe Juliano, Philadelphia Inquirer
1997—Frank Litsky, New York Times
1996—Herb Hartnett, Penn Relays Publicist
1995—Ed Fabricius, Penn Relays Publicist
1994—Ralph Bernstein, Associated Press
1993—Bill Miller, New York Times
1992—Mike Maicher, Penn Relays photography staff
1991—Frank Dolson, Philadelphia Inquirer
1990—Walt Murphy, Eastern Track
1989—Ron Reid, Philadelphia Inquirer
1988—Jim Dunaway, Track & Field News
1987—Dick Weiss, Philadelphia Daily News
1986—Elliott Denman, Asbury Park Press
1985—Ed Grant, Newark Star-Ledger
1984—Bob Hersh, Track & Field News
1983—Bob Kenney, Camden Courier
1982—Bill Bransome, KYW Radio
1981—C. Robert Paul, U.S. Olympic Committee

Henry Steinbrenner Family Heritage Award
Named for the Henry Steinbrenner family, it honors the 1927 Penn Relays 120-yard hurdles champion from MIT and his son, George, himself a hurdler at Williams College and the Lockbourne Air Base, who has been a major benefactor of the Relays. Established to recognize a multi-generational family for its continued support of the Relays
2008—Douglas Cross family
2007—Robert J. Farley family
2006—Irv Mondschein family
2005—Charlie Quigley family
2004—Arthur Havsy family
2003—Fred Harshaw family
2002—Joe Manion family
2001—Charles Moore family