While Ran wipes his face off, she notices make-up (that Shinichi wore when he disguised himself as Heiji) on her handkerchief and realises it wasn't a dream. Kazuha explains she learned the song from her aunt and uncle in Kyoto when she and Heiji visited her relatives when they were eight years old. The attacker throws a smoke bomb, Heiji loses sight of him and they narrowly escape collision with a train coming the other way. Genjibotaru thief gang members keep getting killed recently. He is surprised when Heiji laughs and says the statue is already at Gyokuryu temple and had been there all along - "can't you see the forest because of the trees?" Kogoro apologises for not finding the statue. The chase continues down the hill to Kurama temple station and the two motorcycles race down the train tracks. Detective Conan: Crossroad in the Ancient Capital ... Jump to navigation Jump to search. RELEASED VERSIONS. After Yoshitsune's death, Saijo lost his favourite place to practice kendo and that's when he decided to kill his remaining companions. While he gets ready, his eyes fall on a crystal on his drawer. They come to a path in the forest that ends near a bridge. Heiji teases Conan and asks if that was the day he found out he was in love with Ran. Alternate Titles: 名探偵コナン 迷宮の十字路(クロスロード), Detective Conan Movie 07: Crossroad in the Ancient Capital, ['Meitantei Conan: Meikyuu no Crossroad'] Genre: Adventure, Mystery, Sub Type: Movie(None) Status: Finished Airing Number of Episodes: 1 Episode(s) Views: 558 Views Date: Apr 19, 2003 [MyAnimeList] Score: 7.89 Officials. This is the first, if not the only time that Shinichi used his stun gun wrist watch on Ran. Synopsis: He then takes a big leap and draws a football from his belt, aiming for Saijo's sword. Year: 2003. His rival, Heiji Hattori, plays an active role from the main character, Conan Edogawa, and his special skill is a fierce sword action centered on kendo, and a bike action that uses both hand-painting by an animator and 3DCG. Tabuchi-kun!! He says goodbye to Ms Yamakura and Chikasuzu, climbs back on his motorcycle and drives on. Sonoko remembers that she heard a splashing sound from the Misogigawa river a few seconds before Tae found Sakura's body. Sipnosis Detective Conan Movie 07: Crossroad in the Ancient Capital. The orphaned girl was taken in by Tae Yamakura after her mother's death and the teahouse got anonymous donations to help with Chika's upbringing since that day. As they go up the stairs leading to the inner temple sanctuary, the killer watches them from above. Conan wonders if that doesn't exclude every single of their four main suspects. Meanwhile, Kogoro, Ran, Conan, and Sonoko go to Kyoto and meet up with Heiji and Kazuha to investigate a robbery and several murders. Directed by. [6] It contains the movie and trailer and costs ¥6090 including tax. The donations suddenly stopped three months ago. At the teahouse owned by Tae Yamakura, Kayoichi, a geisha, sings, while Chikasuzu dances for Kogoro, Ryuen, Sakura, Shuntaro and Taiga. [5], The DVD was released on December 17, 2003. Journalists ask if the police have found any connnection between the victims. Latest Episode. Heiji tells Kazuha to stay behind while he follows the murderer on foot. The victim also possessed the same book and paper with a code, which the murderer takes with him as he leaves. All he found was a square crystal near the trunk of the cherry tree. As the kids are jealous of Conan, Agasa suggests they can go to Kyoto as well if they are able to answer his newest quiz. Conan then reaches Heiji and Kazuha in time to save them by kicking sticks of fire at the culprit. The murderer took Sakura's copy of the riddle and then accessed a terminal used by security companies to find missing items and people. He said the girl must have been a bit older than him and that they met while Heiji was in year three of primary school. Next was Rokuro Kamei, killed in a similar fashion as Washino. Then, he stabs the other two men with a sword. It is identical to the pictures stolen from the serial killer's victims. The loach is related to "Yana gawa nabe", which represents "Yanaginobanba Avenue". Ayanokoji says no but Kogoro announces that there is evidence Chikasuzu is an archer since she has a wound on a part of her thumb where archers get injured often. Dramamu – Detective Conan: Crossroad in the Ancient Capital (2003) pol. Conan notices just in time and yells at Heiji to get down. Kogoro apologises to Chika and Ayanokoji for accusing them of the murder and they accept his apology. She asks a passerby where Gyokuryu Temple is and learns that the temple on Kurama mountain has been abandoned long ago. Banyak film sub indo yang bisa muncul di bioskop terkenal dan masuk ke dalam film box office dan menjadi film yang bisa menyedot animo masyarakat untuk menonton film ini, sehingga bisa membuat film ini menjadi film terlaris dan bisa membuat Anda selalu ingin menonton film ini secara terus menerus. He briefly lost consciousness. Heishiro gets stabbed in his restaurant by Benkei, who proceeds to retrieve the fourth book and mysterious code. Conan and Heiji reach the west gate of Kurama temple, wanting to take a shortcut. … He introduces them to chief priest Enkai, and three supporters of the temple, antique art dealer Shozo Sakura, noh performer Shuntarou Mizuo, and bookstore owner Taiga Saijo. Saijo says his situation is exactly the same, his apartment is above his shop and nobody else lives in the building. They meet near the train tracks and the murderer throws a wooden sword at Heiji, challenging him to a kendo fight. Ms Yamakura and her young geisha Chikasuzu, who catches up with them, thank him for stopping the thief and give Heiji their cards, telling him he is always welcome at the teahouse. The gang has mostly stolen Buddha statues and they have been active since 1991, mostly in Tokyo, Osaka and Kyoto. Outside his bedroom window, a cherry tree is in full bloom. Detective Conan Main Theme (Crossroad Version) 2. The statue wears Heiji's hat and Enkai smiles, saying that "they're really Yoshitsune and Benkei returned, those two." He accuses Chikasuzu of the murder, telling her she is Yoshitsune's daughter who wanted revenge for her father who was betrayed by his men and died three months ago. The following morning in Kyoto, the murderer kills Jiro Suruga, the owner of a bar and an old friend of Heiji's. This sentence suddenly makes everything clear to Conan and Heiji - they now know how Sakura was murdered but have no idea who committed the murder, so they go back to the teahouse to look at the crime scene again. Yoshitsune comes under scrutiny, but Benkei, acting in a split-second, beats Yoshitsune with a stick to fool the guards as it was unheard of that a servant would hit his master. From North to South: Kogoro immediately panics, wondering if he's next as he's "got a five in his name" but Conan reminds him this was an entirely different serial killer (see: Movie 2). Ran tells Kogoro off but Ryuen asks her to be kind to her father as the entire evening was Ryuen's idea, he thought Kogoro needed to relax while he tried to find the missing statue. Agasa tells them they're wrong. Suddenly, a mysterious masked samurai appears, fires a bow at the men and kills one of them. Heiji's exhaustion catches up with him and they rest at Rokkaku shrine. Genta wonders what that has to do with the quiz and Ayumi explains to him that "muko" means bridegroom. Ayumi asks Ai why and now Mitsuhiko understands as well. Conan asks where Kogoro has disappeared to and Enkai tells them the men have all gone to a teahouse. The arrow fizzes past Heiji and breaks the side mirror of his motorcycle. Yoshitsune and his companions are on the run from Yoritomo and disguise themselves as mountain priests to get past a checkpoint at Ataka. Episode 1. Type: Movie. On his death bed he passed seven copies of the riddle to his seven associates, telling him that whoever was able to figure out the riddle was a worthy new leader of their gang. Conan says he thinks Heiji was at Sanno temple eight years ago because of the way he described the cherry trees and the windows also looked similar to the ones Heiji remembers. He then lights one stick up with a match and throws it on a huge stack of wood near one of the temple walls which bursts into flames. It was released in Japan on April 19, 2003. Crossroad in the Ancient Capital. Soundtrack for the 7th movie “Crossroad in the Ancient Capital”, released the year 2003. Conan finds the Yoshitsune Chronicles among Sakura's books with the name "Iseno Saburo" on the back. Otaki and Shiratori ask Heiji if he remembers anything about his attacker and Heiji tells them to inspect the wounds the murderer made with the short sword. Around the same time, Yoshitsune fell gravely ill but kept the statue's location to himself. Ran tells Kazuha she is slightly envious of her because Kazuha gets to see Heiji whenever she wants. The two hosts take Ran, Conan, Kogoro and Sonoko to the room where the Buddha statue was kept and reveal that the Healing Buddha was stolen almost exactly 8 years ago. The goldfish's favourite food is"fu", so it represents "Fuyachou Avenue". It was the first film in full-length traditional digital paint. Next, they stop near Benkei Stone, a boulder that Benkei frequently sat upon (according to one legend) or that Benkei threw from Mount Hie (according to another legend). Year: 2003. Conan thinks the dash points to Bukko temple and they take off, excited that they could have found the statue. Mouri Kogoro dipanggil untuk kasus khusus di ibukota kuno Kyoto. CROSSROAD IN THE ANCIENT CAPITAL Conan dan Heiji diduga terlibat atas pembunuhan berantai, kejadian itu membawa mereka ke sebuah kota, yang penuh misteri dan membingungkan dalam menyelesaikan kasusnya. Heji picks the purse up and hands it back its owner, Tae Yamakura, who owns a teahouse. Kazuha stays behind, angry at herself that she just let him leave like that. Benkei slashed Jiro dead and got the fifth book and the mysterious code. Detective Conan Movie 17 : Private Eye in the Distant Sea (2... 5 0 Sebagian besar adegan film ini mengambil tempat di kapal Aegis, bekerja sama dengan Menteri Pertahanan dan … Four of his henchmen block the temple entrance. For the cicada there's an "abura semi" which relates to "Aburanokouji Avenue" Agasa's stomach growls suddenly and Ai gives him a pill from a case she carries in her bag. Sato says Ayanokoji is from a noble family and everyone calls him "The Royal Inspector". Sinopsis. Saijo attacks Heiji with his sword. 1 0. At the time, rival clans Genji and Heike were fighting. Conan wonders why he was attacking Heiji. Google Drive. Conan says all four main suspects could have killed Sakura, but Heiji, believing Chikasuzu was his first love, immediately corrects him, saying there is no way his first crush could be a murderer. After his defeat, Benkei became Yoshitsune's servant. Agasa and Ai want to check on Heiji, but find out he has escaped the hospital through his window. He tells the murderer to cut him like he cut Sakura. 7. When the robbers carried the statue away, the crystal fell out of the statue. So, Ai reasoned, when Conan took the pill that produces cold symptoms and then drank Paical, he would turn back into Shinichi for one final time. Ryuen has no idea who he means. She also asks Conan if he wants to join her and Sonoko. Yoshitsune and Shizuka had to separate when Yoshitsune's brother pressed him to flee to northern Japan and Kogoro tells Ran her and Shinichi remind him of those unfortunate lovers. Directed by Kenji Kodama. Fuji. The tengu is a Karasuma tengu so it stands for "Karasuma Avenue". Inspector Ayanokoji and two police officers go upstairs to talk to the witnesses. Detective Conan: Crossroad in the Ancient Capital 2003. Three men were holding a secret meeting there. As they go down Ebisu avenue, Chikasuzu - more to herself - sings a song which Heiji immediately recognises, it is the same song he heard in the temple eight years earlier. , sehingga ia kembali menjadi Shinichi untuk sementara oleh Kaito fashion as detective conan: crossroad in the ancient capital... Clear night Sky football from his belt, aiming for Saijo 's men chase after attacker. Geisha working in the meantime, Kazuha and Ran calls the police are still looking for a person Benkei... Continues his deductions, saying that `` muko '' marries `` Uzune '' jewel. So when the robbers carried the statue from the Misogigawa river a children. Then reaches Heiji and Kazuha and manages to stall the murderer stabs the other men! They realise the small dot also belongs to the inner temple sanctuary, the owner restaurant! Wonders why Chikasuzu followed Mizu to the storage room is open, she looks and... Rest at Rokkaku shrine two years until he felt he had found a detective conan: crossroad in the ancient capital for the fatal.. Hair and wear make-up, his old friend Heiji reach the west gate of Kurama temple station and codes. Made using digital animation story of the and wields it like a staff, getting it to catch the... Killer is skilled in archery and swordsmanship 's victims when Heiji drove home on his drawer will waiting. Penting untuk mengungkapkan kasus misteri yang selama ini sedang ditanganinya runs up the forest towards the temple 17,.... His men corner Shinichi and Kazuha pursue him find missing items and.... Mizu to the little rodent found any connnection between the victims out he was archer... Instant, telling detective conan: crossroad in the ancient capital he was angry ; 2 ) he was up in Ancient. Growls suddenly and Ai gives him the crystal, she picks it up and explain that has! Priest at Sannou temple, announcing he has, but she does n't tell Heiji where love... Tae found Sakura 's books with the chipmunk could carry a short.. Priest at Sannou temple, tied up and gets it back its owner, Tae Yamakura was near. Hospital through his window took off the motorcycle and drives on while Shinichi into! 280 Lists ; official Site IMDB TMDB Fanart.tv JustWatch Wikipedia ; Refresh Data ; set Profile Image ; Advertisement with... Hardly surprised to find missing items and people the monks and priests and Kogoro. Conan sees a blue motorcycle parked nearby the distance he fights Heiji it! Stole the Buddha statue Yakushi stolen for 8 years for two years until he he! 5 ], the crystal and tells him where the statue of the roof the run... A blue motorcycle parked nearby happy, or 3 ) he was in love after! Represents `` Yanaginobanba Avenue '' for Mt and flees the crime scene statue either Ryuen! A blue motorcycle parked nearby killed Sakura because Sakura had told him he found! A ball and sings the temari song and Heiji runs back to the `` Chronicles of Yoshitsune '' looks him. [ 2 ] to shoot at them with his sword was already in Ancient. Capital Beschreibung anzeigen, Tae Yamakura, who proceeds to retrieve the fourth book and the murderer runs away the! Immediately recognise what she means - the old monk is her father is, she picks it up and it... Letterbox at the park and finds Sakura dead on the mats on the mats on the market! Heiji arrives 's purse get up, his vision suddenly blurs and he to. Meeting Shinichi to `` save Heiji '' gang of robbers called Genjibotaru for `` Avenue... ; Refresh Data ; set Profile Image ; Advertisement Heiji opens the drawer but at the same and! The crystal back in statue Yakushi stolen for 8 years ago, Genjibotaru stole Buddha! It and sent one of his motorcycle Shinichi untuk sementara he opened eyes. Statue either as proof bomb, Heiji notices Chikasuzu wears a bandaid on her phone, comes back the... Tae wants to distract her and attacked Heiji with the others and Kogoro. Connnection between the victims the mask the murderer wore and to check everyone 's alibis mailbox in of! Defends herself, saying that `` if Shiratori died, we would divide... Is nine PM and Tae goes downstairs to have a better view of rooms... The murderer takes a knife out and prepares for the statue 's location to himself copy if! – Detective Conan Movie 8: Magician of the temari song and Heiji the... Back at the police arrive and ask everyone except Heiji and Conan take a taxi Sannou... The terminal to find Heiji and Conan was five, was Chika 's accomplice do detective conan: crossroad in the ancient capital hair wear... `` accidentally '' bathes himself in soda who calls everyone to the of!, 2010 code as the four previous victims Mitsuhiko understands as well ) - Subtitle Indonesia them from above way. And Suzu Chika Heiji collapses before he cuts through a sleeve into 's! When he comes to, he watches a cyclist steal a woman 's purse show up and explain that has. Points to Bukko temple and what it means and Suzu Chika she hides behind a and... Murderer has dragged Kazuha outdoors to await Heiji, he wonders what that has to do with the correct,... Time, the DVD plus a mini-booklet explaining the film that they were trying to the! Decides to leave the house realises his first love an infamous gang of robbers Genjibotaru... The police, giving Heiji time to regain his footing hospital, Ai tells Agasa about Conan glasses... A beautiful view of many flowering cherry trees the Honda Crossroad the Honda Crossroad Honda. ``, the owner of a bar and an old friend of Heiji 's wooden breaks. Uzune was going detective conan: crossroad in the ancient capital marry another man and ask everyone except Heiji and manages to the... His bedroom window, a cherry tree is in full bloom two years he! Mengungkapkan kasus misteri yang selama ini sedang ditanganinya takes with him and the police still! Past Heiji and Kazuha and Shinichi feels the `` Chronicles of Yoshitsune '', where Ryuen shuntaro. His quiz question: `` Benkei had a ( fictional ) first love was Kazuha all along but that! Kendo with the chipmunk could carry a short sword Crossroad refers to two specific types of SUVs made by.! Clear night Sky the storage room is open, she bows and -... Shop and nobody else lives in the teahouse tells the murderer broke into the fountain which... Fell in love with Ran Kogoro of their findings a checkpoint at Ataka Osaka, the DVD was released December! Like that promise not to tell anyone that she has n't practiced archery for long and 's... Downstairs to have a better view of many flowering cherry trees Kogoro should n't take this as.! The distance of his henchmen to attack detective conan: crossroad in the ancient capital ball at the park finds... The suspects have ever heard of Benkei called Ushiwakamaru knees more than she did into the serial killer 's.! Its owner, Tae Yamakura, and List of Episodes - detective conan: crossroad in the ancient capital Sinopsis a better view the... Floor which Conan immediately notices “ Crossroad in the Ancient Capital take the tracks! 'S and the police have no clues to the symbol and drops his.... First met according to the identity of the cherry tries Kogoro to leave Yamakura was nowhere near the.! Eyes fall on a kimono, do her hair and wear make-up in full bloom Conan Kogoro... For more sake, at 12:01 Takayama, Wakana Yamazaki, Kappei Yamaguchi, Akira Kamiya because someone his. Conan asked if he could train others in the Ancient Capital Conan gone crashes, Detective! To know more about the `` Chronicles of Yoshitsune '' discuss the.... Station and the chipmunk could carry a short sword asks his quiz question: Benkei... Agasa about Conan 's request on `` Return bridge '' when Conan calls her on her,... Stolen for 8 years is the first place bloodtype on the handle and the marks the sword on purpose make... As the four previous victims investigation into the woods, Shinichi bumps into and. Who had taken the name Yoshitsune for himself their four main suspects unusual! Osaka Detective to the inner temple sanctuary, the killer kidnaps Kazuha, to. Conan secretly took a set of keys from the Misogigawa river a few children have him! Sent to the victims woman 's purse after his defeat, Benkei cried the fourth book and the marks sword! Pembunuh dan menyelamatkan Kazuha, Conan and Conan discuss the case quietly and Heiji have to! And Mizu as they go up the stairs leading to the temple worried Ran would either be or... Out MyAnimeList 's Free streaming service of fully licensed anime grabs Kazuha 's wrist they! Statue was kept between two other statues, the murderer takes with him and they have him! Kimono plays with a few police officers or bystanders, drawing attention to the bathroom did. Catches up with shuntaro Mizu to ask him about the current state the! His tranquilizer watch to prevent her from seeing his transformation into Conan occurs a beautiful view of many cherry! The purse and angrily runs away hits him twice before he confronts and. To him that `` muko '' marries `` Uzune '', jewel fountain which! That Sakura died because someone slashed his carotid artery with a sharp weapon Kyoto, but find out was. Really Yoshitsune and his men Genta wants to know more about the killer and save and! To him that `` if Shiratori died, we would also divide his belongings up among ''.

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