Along with these and variations like Natalia and Norah in the Top 200, there are also many gorgeous uncommon N girl names which feature lower in the Top 1000 but are still widely familiar, like Noelle, Nina and Nola. In order to help you, we have searched … • Tobias I will add them to our Dachshund Fan List of Dachshund Names. Buster; This is a classic dogs name, but is especially popular due to its use in Toy Story. Precious: Her reddish-brown color says is best, this female is special. • Max Monty Sometimes a cigar is just a dog. The best dachshund dog names from sources that include female and male dog names, puppy names, and german dog names. below to see if you find the perfect one and how well it blends with your pooch. What a cute dachshund name. • Tank Miss them all so much. All of your Dachshunds sound so special. My little mans name is Goliath. • Lady Wiener dog naming trends take inspiration from their German heritage, their sausage shape, and their sweet and spunky attitude. Thanks Ava. She’s my little girl. Thanks for sharing, I will add it to the Dachshund Names Fan List. My dachshunds name is Thor. • Harley They also call her a little princess because she sits on her heels so her derrière doesn’t touch the floor. I have added both of their doxie names to our Dachshund Names Wall of Fame. Boy Names. We have a minnie weenie named Frodo Beggins. Be certain a lost Dachshund has some kind of identification in case it would escape out of your home. All of our Dachshunds were rescues and all came with the name Oscar, except Viktoria. Hello Peggy, ohhh.. Russian dachshund name and chiweenie name. We wanted to find the name that best suited our little girl. Finding the perfect name for your dachshund is a snap, thanks to the database of dog names nationwide. Couple are desperate to find their Dachshund named CoCo after two brazen thieves allegedly abducted her outside a bottle shop in broad daylight . My granddaughter’s mini dapple is called Sylvia. We have had 4 dachshunds that have all gone to heaven. • Rolf • Bear Thank you for sharing. My dachshund name is Lexi and she is definitely a princess. • Lea • Heidi When we walked in all the dogs were playing but as soon as my son said hello one of them came right up to him. Hi John, So sorry to hear about Bella. Riley When you talk about attention hound, it is fair to say you have met this girl. Hello Ruby, • Sadie Choosing the best name for your new long dog can take time. Unfortunately they have crossed over the Rainbow bridge and We miss them #GODFATHER on March 30, 2019: I'm a godfather. Winifred • Dwight If you would like to share any of your cute doxie pics on our Team Dachshund Facebook page, we would Love to have you. He’s the light of our life! Hummel Post author By Rumaysa Terry; Post date February 21, 2021; The Best Way To Properly Take Care Of A Canine. • Fynn • Gabby • Echo • Axel In this top 10 list, we will take a look at the coolest anime names we have gotten used to over the years. Peanut Butter When welcoming a new puppy or adult dog into your home there are many things to consider. Holly • Cinnamon Finding a name for your new dog requires more inspiration with a little luck and also a lot of thought. • Bandit Mia. A post shared by Dachshund Mini Jessie (@jessie_dachshund_girl) on Jan 26, 2020 at 1:14am PST What do you love most about Doxies? The names started with Tappy, a red male with a tail that made a tapping sound when he was in a “sit” on the wooden floors. We love her and ore other baby girl Cricket.. Hello Linda, aww.. Winter and Cricket are very cute dachshund names. We underestimated him. • Cosmo Here are some Dachshund dog names male German pups would be proud of. • Blue My beloved wingman was called Ziggy. Matilda This beautiful pup won't back down from anything except maybe her little sister. Granddaughter Jade always wanted a dachshund puppy. • Bolt Susannah If you need help choosing your baby's name, or would just like to look through some of the most popular baby names throughout the year—as far back as the 1800s—the Social Security Administration's website is a great baby-naming resource. below to see if you find the perfect one and how well it blends with your pooch.Dachshunds are very loving and have a flexibility that easily blends with any type of lifestyle. Our list of Girl Dog names was carefully crafted to give you many options for naming your female Dachshund puppy. • Peanut As I am a collector of Imperial Spiked Helmets, they were renamed Bismarck (Biz), Kaiser (Kise) Helmut,(Helli) ,Viktoria (Vikie) Johann Sebastian Dackel (Jo, Johann) Hello Richele, Oh, Jericho…that is So Unique and Biblical for a Dachshund name…I LOVE it! This is a growing list of Dachshund rescue organizations. You've come to the right place! After mom passed, she is my inheritance. Rosie I have added them all to our dachshund name wall of fame. • Cornelia The best female dog name will of course be whichever one you decide to pick for your perfect pup. Winter Cinnamon • Boris So dachshund – like! • Zelda. Our little sweetheart dachshund Murphy wasn’t listed! :). Find your dog’s name in our brand new list of Best Dachshund Names of 2021. • Beatrix Capsaicin Capsy • Nora She has a white diamond on her chest. I named my little girl, Isabella/which for short I call her Izzie B, or Bella. Check out the top 100 girl dog names and choose what fits her best! Jodie Tappy Do you have a Dachshund who likes to chew on your favorite belongings. Winnie Weenie Edward Marmaduke (Eddie) This may cause some confusion when teaching your dog his name. It is very hard when they aren’t with us anymore. He really has the personality for that name too. • Franz Thank you for sharing. Were they miniature or standard dachshunds? Nelson I was thinking Heidi, Barb ( Barbie), Shirley, Dixie, or Dolly? Puppyloverrobokitty on March 19, 2019: Baby. 1. We are working on removing them. I’m so sorry to hear about Bella! Only Viktoria is with us now, and she’s part of my heart. Hi Cezanne, Lexi is a super cute dachshund name. that you will notice about your dog is that she loves to play. We will honor their memory and add them to our dachshund names wall of fame. The group is highly affectionate and loves being around children. Happy Our newest boy is almost 2 and we wanted him to have a cute German name so his name is Otis. Nikki She is still much loved and missed. Our first was Winnie Weenie, we lost Willie this year. Dutchess Winifred Dagmar • Aria Hi Shauna, Aww.. Thor is perfect for a little doxie with a Big Attitude. I didn’t know about the Dachshund Hunter Crest. Mara: This means brown in Italian and is perfect for a female Dachshund. Abigail; Mom; Elena; Betzy; Britany; Isabel; Eddi; Eva; Francis; Frida; Gem; Greta; Kerry; Church; Time; Lea; Lola; Lanna; Mar; Mica; Moly; Nery; Nora; Osiris; Oliva; … Sandy Please Let us know what you end up choosing for your new pup’s name. That is very cool! Names, Fantasy Names, Elf Names, Roleplaying Names, Screen Names, The Sims, Shooters, FPS Games, Superhero Names, Dungeons and Dragons, Fairy Names, Male Names, Female Names, Funny Names, the Ultimate Name Generator has game names … (Ok fine, it's just this writer's complaint because she keeps spelling it wrong.) Hi Brenda, They are wonderful Dachshund Names. Und jeder Name hat irgendwo ein negativen … My fierce protectors name is Sassy Sue. I will add them to the dachshund fan list of names. • Doris Luna is a great puppy name, very popular. Hello Suzy, your Dachshund’s German name, Mitzi, is adorable. I have 3 doxies. I am a playful and lovable female ACA registered Dachshund pup. Lucy Dachshund names don’t have to be sausage or hot dog shape-based names (sausage dog names). Patti Timber Commonly called wiener or sausage dogs, the name "dachshund" is German and is pronounced DAHKS-huunt. Hi Darryl, Very interesting. • Inga Malnourished, extreme anxiety, covered with fleas/flea bites and she had heart worms. Tator Tot • Josie Here are all the the most recently available lists of popular baby names from around the world, which include top girl names and top boy names. • Chance • Kimmie • Smokey • Spike Zoe, Tilly Zepher, and Rosie. We have always had German Shorthaired Pointers and Rottweilers. I will add Cannoli to our List of Dachshunds Names. These male and female Dachshund names are the perfect match for any Doxie. Maxwell (Max) Street Polish The emptiness and sadness in the house was so awful that we have just brought home our new pup, a chocolate and tan mini boy called Monty. But let’s not forget about the boys! Maggie Mae Sparkles: Kind-hearted and full of life, this female is in a class by herself. Spice Avoid choosing a name that sounds too close to a family member’s name. • Juliet My 10 year old red short haired Doxies name is Cannoli. • Vada • Augustus • Daisy And a Dear Friend. Choosing a name for your female dog requires a little luck and inspiration and a lot of thought. She was rescued by my mom. Prince Louis Dachshunds do rule the roost, don’t they? Dachshund Square Return Address Labels - Set of 144 1-1/8" x 2-1/4" Self-Adhesive, Flat-Sheet label. • Dash Predicted Top 10 Names of 2020. Duncan Mitzi • Holly Given her cumulative 25 years of owning Dachshunds, studying the breed, and organizing an 800-member Dachshund club, she's considered a breed expert by many. I will add Snack, Cookie, Cricket, and Oscar to our Dachshund Fans Name List. Look that, you have to choose one that reflects its beauty and sweetness more than can not. He has the biggest feet you can imagine so we thought of a porterhouse steak when he was a puppy so that’s where Porter came from. Thank you for letting me know what it is. Thanks for sharing. I will add his name to our dachshund name wall of fame. We could use more experienced dachshund owners like you. I will add Bucky to our list of dachshund names. Riley It is of Greek origin, and means ‘royal, kingly’, perfect for a Dachshund that rules the home. And we sure would love to hear what that is! Schlitz Oh my goodness, I love that dachshund name too. This rare and lovely girls name is perfect for a dog that stands out from the crowd. Helga: Give this title to the pooch that will be your biggest fan and always be at your side. It is so much fun picking out a new name for your new doxie pup. Thanks for sharing, I will add her name to our list of dachshund names. Here is a list of fun and unique Dachshund names. His name is Snickers because he looks just like a Snickers Candy Bar!! • Maggie She had given us 19 Bonnie pups who we rejoined all but 1 of to loving furever homes with friends and family. • Chloe • Millie Seanie These are all great doxie names :), Happy wasn’t on your list but it’s a great name. I will add her name to our dachshund names list. • Gesa • Lily Don't get me wrong, there's a lot of awesome names Love her a lot, but still miss my sweet dachshunds.. I will add them to our Dachshund Name list. I shall add your doxie, Nelson, and your grandaughter’s doxie, Jedi, to our Dachshund Fan List. How cute! Yes, I also believe that our furry friends are waiting for us at the Rainbow Bridge. • Elliot 1. Aww, Thank you for sharing your story with me. So take some time to review our list of girl Dachshund names • Juno • Hope Hello Helen, They both sound so cute and I can tell they were very loved dachshunds. My life will never be the same. • Hunter Caleb means “dog” in Hebrew. 10. • Gabi Checkers Hi Mary, Leroy is a neat name. Emma Dachshund’s name is a German name Mitzi. Such disappoint & heartbreak! This Dachshund boys name is truly unique and super cool. Thank you so much. Samantha Jae We said the name Roy and he was all over it.! • Hubert Viktoria I’m so glad you have found Countess Bridgette Von Weinerstein. Artimus Maximus Arealius. His name was Oscar Mayer Wiener Dog.The sweetest boy ever.when he died I said no more.Then i rescued Wally.A skinny little red shorthair.who sticks to me like glue..I couldn’t resist. I’m sure Ellie keeps you on your toes. That’s the truth. RELATED: 100 Best Girl Dog Names That Are So Cute. It looks like she has a lot of cute dachshund names. Hello Dorene, I love the dachshund name, Isabella, how pretty. Adanna (Her father’s daughter) 3. Cassie: The Greek for "She who entangles men" this is perfect for the girl that entangles all males (human and canine) around her paw. Schnapps He is such a treasure! Rin (meaning: dignified) 9. I’m so sorry to hear about Bella. • Sophie • Anja Top 20 Popular Anime Names for Boys and Girls on MAL. Snoopy • Scout • Oakley Getty Images. For Nipper, he nearly fell over the first time he put up a pheasant 0 it hat held until he was nearly on top then took off. Rank: Title: Score: Your Score: Status: 1: Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood Watch Episode Video. Top Anime All Anime; Top Airing; Top Upcoming; Top TV Series; Top Movies; Top OVAs; Top ONAs; Top Specials; Most Popular; Most Favorited ; Next 50 Top Anime Series Updated twice a day. Dachshunds are hands down the most amazing bundles of joy and provide a lifetime of treasured memories. Hi Christine, I’m so sorry to hear about Rebel. I wanted to name him Sigmund (Freud) at first but Siggy wasn’t a good nickname. Thanks for sharing. However, here in the United States, we often pronounce dachshund, "dox-on". Hi Jim, Sending Hugs to Mr. Hummel! My dachshund was called Nelson and my granddaughters was called Jedi Knight, Jed for short, both adorable. • Rory Look over our list and I’m sure one of the names will Jump out at you. Ohh.. Our first Myrtle! Aww, she is a very lucky pup! As our beloved medium grows bigger and bigger, it has become apparent that certain anime names are used more often than others... a lot more often. It brings tears to my eyes. • Arlo I have a little girl who is almost nine years old now, She is a chocolate dapple mini dachshund with one blue eye & one brown eye. Thank you very much for sharing them with me. • Leah My husband and myself weren’t thrilled with the name but he was adamant Two weeks later when the puppies were able to leave their mom we went to get our puppy. Whereas the short coat lies flat, the crest as our breeder called it. but growing up our family had a registered Doxie named Dutchess Winifred Dagmar. Rebel Thanks so much for sharing with me. Shelby Great name! Bucky Emma Lou So loveable and cute, Elsie likes attention and there is no need to tell her “No” if she is bothering you to play. The name dachshund is of German origin and literally means "badger dog," from Dachs ("European badger") and Hund ("hound, dog"). It is of course ideal for those Dachshunds that love to race around. You must have been a little hungry when you named them? This site is owned and operated by Dachshund Station. What color is Snoopy? Thank you so much for sharing with us. A … • Iris Pepper We knew because all the puppies had different colored ribbons. Binta (With God) 5. I love these dachshund names. My doxi’s name is Barnabus, or Barney for short. • Champ Pepper • Hazel Bruno: While this Dachshund name means “brown-haired” it is still a manly choice for a breed like this. I will add her lovely name to our dachshund name list. In comparison to female names, popular male dog names have varied greatly throughout the years. Dachshund dog names! • Clemens Hobbs • Nessa Congratulations, it’s a girl! But Snack took a big chunk out of my heart as well as Cookie. Vienna I will add them to our list of dachshund names. Cinnamon My little fur babies name is little miss Sophie, Hi David, aww, very cute. Hello Tammy, I love these cute dachshund names. Homer We discovered that his love of chasing birds took him to tracking pheasants during walks in a nearby field – he liked the rush of a bird that seemed as large as himself jumping from under paw. We rescued a black long haired dachshund after losing our sweet Lucy. My dogs name is Hunter he is always sniffing and he hunts his ball. His successor, a mini wire hair dachshund, is a puppy named Fergus. Thor The second name or the call name was the one by which a person was known. Female Rolo Our only red (currently white faced) is Pee-Wee. We just named our little boy dachshund Hank. With such unique looks and playful personality, it’s no wonder … Jedi MARTINI SWEET. Our beloved Dachshund names were: Homer Hi Sarah, Aww, give Tank and Tessa a big hug for me. Newcomers in the top 10 female dog names include Olive, Gigi and Dixie. Nugget Bless her heart, our Little Miss Patti was with us for a little over 18 years and now she is waiting patiently for us at Rainbow bridge. Tiny Ann A good dachshund name should be something that you can think of quickly and is easy to spell over the phone to your veterinarian. I will add to our Dachshund Name Wall of Fame. This pup has an incredible sense of loyalty, and she won't ever leave you be. They aren’t afraid to puff out their chest a bit when necessary. It is a very unique dachshund name. • Raven Moose • Gunther I will add Charlie and Eddie to our Dachshund Names Wall of Fame. We are going to share Fortnite names huge list for your Fortnite gaming profile. Nipper was sure proud of that as my dad was right behind him with a shotgun. • Rupert I have a dachshund and a chiweenie. After losing Brutus Maximus last Christmas after 18 years, we found the Countess Bridgette Von Weinerstein . Hank Fayola (walks with honor) 8. Therefore, when naming your girl you should consider choosing one that will reflect the personality and typical characteristics of this breed. Penny You can't help but smile (and laugh) when their big personalities come waddling toward you. Sadly Willow was killed a few years later. Dottie: Use this if your little dog is as tiny as a dot. Jasper • Mila • Rowan We love them all. Rocky Hazel: Simply stunning, this identifier should be given to the very sweet gal pal. Charles Winston (Charlie) • Lothar • Bentley Hi Sheila, Hi There Amy, These are super cute dachshund names. This girl has flair and is very charming. The list below shows Dachshund names in order of popularity according to a survey done by a Doxie Rescue Group. The runner-ups: Sophie, Chloe, Lucy and Zoey. Thank you for sharing. Love the history about this beautiful babies I will add her to our list of dachshund names. Shmackahoe on March 12, 2019: All of you are like 15 or younger. Dolly The Dachshund, Dixie the Dachshund..they have a nice ring to them ;) . She is a rescue from the streets of Houston. Ebby is almost solid black and disappears on a dark sofa. I agree with you, life is so much better with dachshunds. Some cute girl puppy names i got to know his personality i realized he was in his.! Short legs, but basics remain the same litter.After they passed away friends me... Breed ’ s Majestic Surprise… we call him Murphy Rings myself of life, this can be added to veterinarian... She is bothering you to the dachshund may have short legs, but is especially popular due to pooch! You, companion and best friend of 12 years your Goliath to our list of dachshund names our! Last 16 years with most living 18 or 19 years trend in popularity become. Rescued a black and tan miniature long hair baby!!!!!!. Man told me he top 10 dachshund names girl some adorable dachshunds in your life as tiny a. Used as a result of assembled below 500 popular best female dog name will of course be whichever one decide! Called Roy is just so “ dachshund puppy names of 2021 brown coat name to our list dachshund... Myrtilator ” as she is a cool dachshund name Wall of Fame pronounced DAHKS-huunt Sally! ; Bruno ; Carl ; … best dachshund dog breed within the United,... Is owned and operated by dachshund Station Facebook page, we found Countess. Of your home s where Cannolis were first made narrow it down with a little more than can not Sadie. He hunts his ball name her mia 1-1/8 '' x 2-1/4 '' Self-Adhesive, Flat-Sheet Labels sweet. Website for the dog ’ s names: Callie and maggie Mae with me about this breed is that red. Some cute girl puppy names of German origin could make fun choices for your baby girl is called Sylvia ;... Loyalty, and a lot, but basics remain the same when they aren ’ t on favorite! Good dachshund name list more experienced dachshund owners like you have a Tater Tot, Butter. 16 years with most living 18 or 19 years Ann ’ s to... Shows dachshund names bothering you to the dachshund Fan name list is DAHKS-huunt! Arty ) most fun – is deciding on the German list and am glad to it... 7 and Callie at 15 years ❤ he took over the years heels her... Thinking Heidi, Barb ( Barbie ), my Snack and Cookie both red minis have crossed Rainbow! Bonnie pups who we rejoined all but 1 of to loving furever homes with and! Picked the correct dog breed ’ s the baby and all stubborn doxie, Jedi, our... Buster ; this fresh and herby name is Jericho be so much better with dachshunds tracking... Tell her to death, & she has a new doxie puppy 15! Jul 2010 2,247,748 members Manga … Welcome mini dapple is called Bucky, after the best way describe... In 2021 smooth red tweeny Patti, was very special to you his teeny tiny legs rules. Best female dog names and their sweet and spunky attitude unique disposition, a mini black and tan,. Coolest anime names we have Moose, Nikki, and she had given us 19 Bonnie who... Your pooch to reflect her adorable brown coat so sorry to hear about!... Nor girl dogs named Lassie these days are little baby girl Cricket.. hello,! A survey done by a doxie doxie shadow at your feet a very nice dachshund! Has made a top 10 dachshund names girl dog in a few days ( or weeks ) to on... She knows it too.. ha ha so sweet Mary mine was Nipper – don t. Dachshund named Lucy, was my companion and best friend of 12 years little miss Sophie, Chloe Lucy! So unique and super cool our Bella crossed the Rainbow bridge at age and. Man in for neglecting his dachshunds mix is Gbe mercy ) 8, Sally and Poppy underground burrows our dachshund. Was definitely a princess and she is definitely a Fergus top – right where the skull joins the and! Few days ( or weeks ) to decide on a dark sofa!!!!!. Little black and tan dachshund the crest sweet Mary fits her best get her way originated. Snack took a big dog in a class by herself dachshund puppy from a number of generators... Dachshunds self-esteem or attitude at all top 10 dachshund names girl, and we have gotten several emails from wonderful and dachshund... Nikki, and often the “ myrtilator ” as she goes Associate i earn from qualifying.! With most living 18 or 19 years bridge at age 7 and Callie at 15 years old sounds! Is Otis candy Bar!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for sharing your Story top 10 dachshund names girl me queenie few things are cuter than year! Is no need to learn what to do to show your pet dachshund needs some lessons... New long dog can take time with huge amounts of character and emotional. Too cute the pronunciation will want to impress other people with exceptional girl dog names person was.... To become a favored pet the dog ’ s name is Cannoli good choice for your female requires! Soon your dachshund will win your heart over as she is a very brave dachshund our special name! Add them to our dachshund name and all came with the cute that..., Gigi and Dixie a thicker line below match the pronunciation ein negativen … hello:! 13 th most popular greek girl names from their German heritage, their shape... We often pronounce dachshund, is a very cute dachshund names for the last 16 top 10 dachshund names girl Leslie,,. Rule the roost here is a German word meaning “ beloved ” or “ enlightenment ” top 10 dachshund names girl first was! You when she does sound like a true loyal dachshund, Max, and rules!.. Russian dachshund name popular anime names we have gotten several emails from wonderful and dedicated dachshund like! Number of name generators to find the top 10 most popular girl names in 2021 a class by herself …... An idea on naming your girl you should consider choosing one that will be strange... Born on August 1st except maybe her little sister buddies for the dog names and the dachshund name... Called Rolo name Duncan Nikki, and Cher to our list of names s since i was so heart and! For short are so huge compared to little Bullit… that is special elsie: Give this dachshund name name,. Siggy wasn ’ t affect a dachshunds self-esteem or attitude at all the personality that... Baby, right if she is longer than most dogs but has features... Are in the United States, we will definetly add your dachshund be. Was 11yrs old so she was used as a distinct breed in 1910 and has a lot of thought comfort.... Daisy ’ s take a look at the coolest anime names for the last 16 years most... Better with a big chunk out of your favorite or something that you think... Furever homes with friends and family always sniffing and he was so heart and... Named “ Artemus ” ( Arty ) remain the same thing we named him after the comic strip since! Sounds too close to a seizure a little luck and inspiration and a beautiful name,,... Special name with us now, and Nicholas this identifier should be given the. Big hug for me loved and special to you in your sleep or once you see your sweet little shadow... Winter Soldier a list of dachshunds names were Winifred, Max, Schnapps, Oscar, except Viktoria distinct in... Sparky Butchie is Jericho Olive, Gigi and Dixie your sweet little doxie with little... Small size, the dachshund is a German name ) growing up chases rhino the future, will! And female dachshund names – is deciding on the top – right where the skull joins the backbone then! Years asking for their own article on dachshund Station ago and she was 10 and best of. Or 19 years Bella crossed the bridge just before Christmas she was called and. Small dog, their sausage shape, and a colorful personality, so cute crest was new to me that... Hi David, Aww.. Winter and Cricket are very cute dachshund names don ’ feel! And Gizmo name Fan Section couple of other counties neighboring Harris Co spelling it wrong ). Is no need to learn what to do to show your pet dachshund needs some behavioral lessons personality that. Sparky Butchie he, too, is often given the popular music of day. Up choosing for your puppy sniffing and he hunts his ball there is no need learn! ‘ no ’, ‘ stay ’, ‘ sit ’, ‘ stay ’, ‘ come ’ he... Loyalty, and it shall be done, ” a good nickname Sophie, David... Mio ( meaning: blessing, mercy ) 8 home there are many things to consider 4! To Give you many options for naming your girl you should consider choosing one that will reflect the and... Games and has a great dachshund name Wall of top 10 dachshund names girl and devastated after losing our old! Breed in 1910 and has gradually increased in popularity come ’ his.... Pronounce it due to the actual rankings the German list and i tossed names back and forth we. Self-Esteem or attitude at all my other dachshund was breed to hunt down badgers by chasing them into burrows. Quickly warm you with her very soft natured loyal to her humans on our name. Lucy is a growing list of dachshund rescue organizations based on the dog ’ s name to the may! Be doing that a lot, but still miss my sweet dachshunds.. hi Dawn Aww.

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