1. Rules of Competition: The rules of competition for junior high schools, middle schools, parochial schools, and elementary schools for this Carnival shall be the 2018 Official National Federation Edition Track and Field and Cross County Rules Book, except where the longtime practices, special facilities, and special written rules of the Carnival may require otherwise.  All junior high, middle and elementary school competitors must compete for their high school teams and be cleared for competition by the school principal.  Relay teams must consist of runners from the same school.  Competition in the High School Division of the Relay Carnival is under the supervision of official representatives of the Pennsylvania Interscholastic Athletic Association.
  2. Team Membership: No athlete may participate with two different affiliations in one Carnival.
  3. Track and Field Surfaces: The track is a synthetic surface of 3/8″ thickness.
  4. Spikes: Junior High Schools, Middle Schools and Parochial Schools may wear spikes if they are allowed by their group.  Shoes will not be checked by the clerks, and enforcement of any group’s no-spikes rule is up to the group coordinators. Spikes may not be worn for the Elementary School Races.
  5. Checkpoints: Relay zone checkpoints may be marked with standard white trainer’s tape only.  No other items may be used, including chalk, powder, duct tape, masking tape, tacks or safety pins.
  6. Starting Blocks are not permitted in junior high school, middle school, parochial school or elementary school events.
  7. Lane Priority: Turn Races (9 lanes) 6-7-8-9-5-4-3-2-1.
  8. Results will be posted on a bulletin board next to the paddock area and on the Relays Web Site (www.ThePennRelays.com) as soon as possible.  Results will not be supplied to coaches in the Press Area.
  9. Jury of Appeals will be chaired by Joe Lang. A $25.00 fee must accompany an appeal. The Penn Relays has no official video, and no independent video may be used in protests or appeals.


4x100m Relay.  Group Races, Friday, beginning 10:00 a.m.; maximum of nine teams in each race, separate prizes for each race (prize #10).  Sequence of races (running at two-minute intervals):  PIAA District I 9th Grade Boys; PIAA District I 9th Grade Girls; PIAA District I Middle School Boys; PIAA District I Middle School Girls; Camden Diocese Boys; Camden Diocese Girls; South Jersey Middle School Boys; South Jersey Middle School Girls; Wilmington Diocese Boys; Wilmington Diocese Girls; Philadelphia Archdiocese Boys Junior; Philadelphia Archdiocese Girls Junior; Philadelphia Archdiocese Boys Senior; Philadelphia Archdiocese Girls Senior; Philadelphia 7th and 8th Grade Small School Boys; Philadelphia 7th and 8th Grade Small School Girls; Philadelphia 7th and 8th Grade Large School Boys; Philadelphia 7th and 8th Grade Large School Girls; Philadelphia Area Private and Charter School Boys; Philadelphia Area Private and Charter School Girls.  Each group shall conduct qualifying races when and where it chooses.


4x75y Shuttle Relay. Fourth Grade, Friday, 12:30; Sections against time (prize #10).  Fifth Grade, Friday, 1:00; Sections against time (prize #10).  Sixth Grade-Elementary, Friday, 1:30; Sixth Grade-Middle, Friday, 2:00; Sections against time (prize #10).  Spiked shoes are not allowed.