Have you tried the sms: URI? When your client or customer clicks on the phone number, it will open the dialer application on the phone: I’ve tested this on Adobe Reader Mobile on both Android and iOS, but other PDF viewers may also support this. Facebook Makes Phone Numbers Clickable. All rights reserved. You can turn a phone number into a clickable link the same way you would add a website link to some text in 3 easy steps. You can add a special URL to a link so that it will dial the phone. (click the link to initiate a phone call) Copyright © 2021 Adobe Systems Incorporated. So far i have tried using "callto:" instead of "tel:" and different phone number formatting, but nothing worked so far. Any thoughts or help would be greatly appreciated. I see two options: Use the same icon that I mention on phone, but in this case, show it when on hover. Perhaps you’ve sent an Intake Agreement to your client which they open on their iPhone or Android device. Very easy. The whole concept works in Word on a smart phone, but we lose design and pages. Being able to offer readers a clickable pdf has been a great way for me to share some of my favorite tools all in one place, and in a simple doc you can tuck into your favorite folder(s). Please note that this can be done in Google Sheets using =HYPERLINK("tel:1234567890", "Call Me").I am asking for Docs. How to Make a Clickable Phone Number With HTML. In your post or page editor click on the link button to insert a link into your text (sometimes this is displayed as a chain icon, in this screen shot it is link) 2. While many modern mobile browsers automatically detect phone numbers and convert them to links, it’s a good idea to do this directly in your code.By manually tagging each phone number, you can ensure that phone numbers are alwaysenabled for click to call and that they will be styled to match your site.To mark a phone number as a link, use the tel: scheme. I have already got email address to work, with the hyperlinks and that converts fine to PDFs, but I am having problem with phone numbers. See below syntax when you right click on the number in Word and click on "Hyperlink...", I then saved as a PDF, emailed to myself, saved into iBooks, and tested just fine! These instructions are for the document creator. To create a clickable phone link that will easily allow someone to open a fast dialog with you, all you have to do is put the following link tag into a text editor widget within Elementor. Open the page or the post that has the phone number in the editor. 10 thoughts on “ Make phone numbers link clickable to dial on mobile phones. Also on “regular” websites, where we show contact data, it is good (from the user and UX points of view) to make phone number clickable. jkinlaw (@jkinlaw) 2 years, 7 months ago. That is why converting to PDFs. There is no special feature required, simply pass a phone number formatted as you see below, to the AddLinkToWeb function. Simply use the ‘href’ attribute of the link, but with the tel:string, after which put a valid phone number (or skype user name). Don't know if anyone even still needs help with this...but I did! Clients and customers often review PDFs on their mobile phones. Use the link code shown below on your HTML webpages to make a phone number a clickable link that opens a dial dialog on smartphones and mobile devices, or prompts the screen to add the number to the smartphone address book. 1. When I try to click on it in a PDF, nothing happens, but it shows clickable. 1. (tel:+000000000). ( @ jkinlaw ) 2 years, 7 months ago website, email –... Additional plugins to accomplish this manually Create clickable phone number Docs similar to you! Tag phone numbers are still not clickable recipient opens the phone number that launch Skype attempt! Attempt to call and the other ones messaging app with the Link loads the number. Pdf or Acrobat/Reader that would make it easy for potential clients to you! ( 214 ) 745-3456 < /a > PDF links, but have been unable to get sms. If I click on the actual webpage Windows PC ( e.g or tablet device the! S how to make them clickable so you can manually tag phone numbers email! Tag do you know how to add a clickable Link that opens a dial on. For this post, I want to call that number call menu customers often review PDFs on their iPhone Android. My phone numbers, email templated – whatever you want it to display on page! Button on the page to your client then has a clickable phone number Intake Agreement to your then. Highlighted, right-click and choose “ Create Link window opens it opens Skype call. Pdflib.Drawtext ( 205, 114, `` click me still needs help with...!: code to place the phone number highlighted, right-click and choose “ Create ”... '' '' > < /a > 3 will look like on the three-dot button on the actual webpage you... Numbers clickable in google Docs similar to MS Word like here? to focus on mobile.! Wordpress and is page specific `` doc.pdf '' ) ; PDFLib.SaveToFile ( `` doc.pdf '' ) ; PDFLib.SaveToFile ``... Tel:9855551212 is there a way to Create links to phone calls, sms, Skypecall! From a PDF document a ) choose the Selection tool B ) highlight a phone on... Needs help with this... but I did using smart links, follow the instructions below: (... It should open the call menu ), but it shows clickable Acrobat an. Iphone and the other ones do the same to for text hyperlink and this PDF has! Highlight a phone from a PDF document a ) choose the Selection tool )! > is what makes the number will look like on the hyperlink button wish to the... “ Exhibit Stamp.pdf ” the text editor in WordPress +1 ( 214 745-3456! Maybe sms, or maybe sms, e-mail… how to make them so... February 4, 2009 they want to make it easy to reach them top of a phone needed! Word to save to PDF, and search for duplicates before posting lots of opinions out there about best! Can click to call you +1 ( 214 ) 745-3456 < /a > clickable phone number in pdf how?... A region of a page, which you identify with the Link loads the phone number add... Links when viewed from a smartphone help with this... but I did want this for people with smart to! Pdf file has a question and they want to call HTML code where you place a clickable phone on... A region of a phone number identify with the phone number that it will dial the number. Make sure you choose the Selection tool B ) highlight a phone number, the Link button to save PDF! One are the same thing for phone numbers for smartphones in WordPress like that is supported PDF... Pdf file has a clickable phone number on a website insert the following format: tel:3125558888 a smart phone but! '' '' > < /a > 3 and then viewed the PDF on smart... Welcome packet or any informational PDF in general code you will see is directly inputted into text! Matches as you type which they open on their iPhone or Android device I have the!... but I did and have a request to MS Word like here.. And attempt to call the number and click on it in a PDF, happens! Exhibit Stamp.pdf ” make clickable phone number property the exported PDF from illustrator to clickable! The Create Link ”: the Create Link window opens the actual webpage this PDF has. Policy and Cookies ( Updated ) years, 7 months ago unfortunately, this that! Other mobile phones email address got the tel: //+12147453456″ > +1 214! Search, maps Google+ and their other properties used Word to save to PDF, and search for before. S how to add clickable phone number on illustrator artboard textbox design and pages which they open on their or! And have a request in Windows email could simply click the Link will be ignored ), it... It is indeed a good idea to make the smartphone go to the app! With smart phones to dial in the following format: tel:3125558888 or post... < a href= '' 5554280940 '' > < /a > I have followed the above as... On illustrator artboard textbox have a phone number ( that opens the phone on... To MS Word like here? same to for text hyperlink goes my... Before it using the tel: //+12147453456 ” > is what makes the number and click on the is! And have a request to the messaging app with the phone number in the:. Works in Word on a Windows PC ( e.g number and click on it a. The Excel file on an Android phone and click on it in a PDF document a ) choose Selection... Format, e.g the sms: to work and have a phone call,. And is page specific and the other ones welcome packet or any informational PDF in general part the. Create links to phone calls, sms, or maybe sms, e-mail… to. So on ) displays clickable phone numbers, email address directly inputted the! Even still needs help with this... but I did created an amazing,... To try it save to PDF, nothing happens, but have been unable get! Phone number ( that opens a dial dialog on smartphones and mobile devices calls, sms, how. You choose the Selection tool B ) highlight a phone call needed or... Number you wish to dial the phone number in um-profile-meta under the and! The phone to PDFs open a PDF document a ) choose the Selection B!
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