ExmouthShantymen 705 views. O, poor old man your horse will die, O, poor old man! The italian blog of folk music in the Celtic Lands by Cattia Salto. And if he lives, I'll ride him again, And they say so and they hope so. (twice) 6. 2. Non può pertanto considerarsi un prodotto editoriale ai sensi della legge n.62 del 7.03.2001. When complete the noble steed is put on a box, covered with a rug, and on the evening of the last day of the month a man gets on to his back, and is drawn all round the ship by his shipmates, to the chanting of the following doggerel: oh! Forbidden Sea Shanty of the Horse is located inside the building in the west part of Freehold near the cliff. Born in Fürstenwalde, Burgdorf served as a commander and staff officer in the German Army during World War II. The Exmouth Shanty Men - Poor Old Horse Chanty - Duration: 1:52. Poor old Man! // lines below shouldn't be edited Stream songs including "Shanty Man", "John Kanaka" and more. One month a rotten life we've led. Report illegal content. Top Lyrics of 2011. I said "Old man your hoss will die." And if he dies I'll tan his skin. To get the item loot the Scoundrel's Songbook laying on the table. A poor old man came riding by [CROWD] And we say so, and we know so! A poor old man Came riding by And we say so And we know so O, a poor old man Came riding by O, poor old man Says I, "Old man Your horse will die." Says I, "Old man, your horse will die." If the site is consulted for reports, dissertations, publications, it is necessary to request authorization and quote the author Chorus 1 Says I, "Old man, your horse will die." Says I, "Old man your horse will die." (Well) poor old man your horse he must die (X2)(Well) 30 days have come and gone (1) (x2)And now we are on a good month’s payI think I hear our wharfing (old) (2) man saySo give them grog for the 30th day (x2)Then up aloft to the main yard arm And we say so, And we hope soThen cut him adrift (4) and will do him no harm Poor old man.A poor old man came ridin’ alongNOTE1) in this version the ceremony obviously takes place after the first month of navigation2) Capt. Oh! “Notably, Hugill’s version is one of few that gives as a possible chorus,” Poor Old HORSE. SHANTY MAN (trk1) was written by me back in 1984, and will remain in copyright for 70 years after I've slipped me cable. A poor old man went riding by – And we say so, And we hope so.say I “old man your horse will die – oh Poor old horse.One month a rotten live we’ve ledWhile you’s laid in y’er feather bedBut now your time is up, ol’ turkget up, ye swine, and look for workfor 30 days your ride on himBut now he’s dead we’ll tine his skinWe’ll yank him up to the cabin doorand he no worrying us no moreUp alof this horse must gowe’ll hung him high and rope him lowWe’ll drop him down with a long, long ropeWhere the sharks have his bodyAnd the devil have his soulI thought I heard the old man say – And we say so, And we hope so.Just one more pull and than belay- oh Poor old horse. “The ceremony … became a rather half-hearted affair in the latter days of sail, whereas in days gone by it was a spectacular effort, particularly in the emigrant ships, and one of the best descriptions is given in Reminiscences of Travel in Australia, America, and Egypt,by R Tangye (London, 1884).” (Stan Hugill)Thus R Tangye writes : “Being a month at sea the sailors performed the ceremony called ” Burying the Dead Horse,” the explanation of which is this: Before leaving port seamen are paid a month in advance, so as to enable them to leave some money with their wives, or to buy a new kit, etc., and having spent the money they consider the first month goes for nothing, and so call it ” Working off the Dead Horse.” The crew dress up a figure to represent a horse; its body is made out of a barrel, its extremities of hay or straw covered with canvas, the mane and tail of hemp, the eyes of two ginger beer bottles, sometimes filled with phosphorus.
For to be sold upon this day, Poor Old Man. And if he lives you'll ride again. Pumping/Capstan shanty Shanty Sheet Music.