What Students Surveyed by Princeton Say: This private liberal arts college is considered one of the "Hidden Ivies," an insitution that provides an education comparable to that of Ivy League schools. But remember always that every girl is different. She was interviewed in early May by Brian No ’10. on the dailyprincetonian website (yeah yeah save the insults, i was bored last night) they say that frats and sororities are the center of the social scene (and of course the eating clubs, but fraternities and sororities are feeder groups for those). Freshmen will be banned from joining fraternities and ­sororities at Princeton starting in the fall of 2012, and upperclassmen will be prohibited from conducting any type of rush activities for freshmen.. A representative from Panhellenic, the organization that unites the three sororities, says, “We are fully cooperating with the university's freshman rush ban… We are excited to welcome new members in the near future and to continue supporting the Greek community on campus.”. Not true! There was resulting controversy due to the harsh consequences advocated and because technically, the administration doesn’t even recognize the frats and sororities on campus, but the Greek organizations seem to be following the ban so far. Fact: Princeton fraternities and sororities have no houses. Copyright © 2021 Her Campus Media, LLC. Myth: Princeton has no Greek life. In May of 2011, the Working Group made the following recommendation: Students should be prohibited from affiliating with a fraternity or Princeton will ban freshman-year fraternity/sorority rush. "I think a big deal about sororities at Princeton is getting to meet upperclass women at a male-dominated school," said Carol McLaughlin, a member of … By Margaret Fortney ’13. Myth: Princeton has no Greek life. Banning sororities would take away the support system that 400 young women rely on every day. Not true! PRINCETON — Any freshman at Princeton University who joins, rushes or pledges a fraternity or sorority this fall faces suspension. This support system has significantly improved my Princeton experience. The Committee on Freshman Greek Rush Policy will collect responses from the survey and … The sororities are not as defining as the frats are; it's more common for a girl to join a sorority than a guy to join a frat. There are more fraternities, but each is much smaller than a sorority. It is essential to hold recruitment at a time that would have the least conflicts for both current and potential new members. Although Greek-letter organizations rejected in 2004 a proposal to move rush to the spring semester, you said in a recent Daily Princetonian article that the sororities would be happy to meet with the administration to discuss the proposal. Many of my friends are in frats; I'm not, so you can go either way. What do you think about this latter idea? Some classes have midterms or papers during this week, which would prohibit a number of potential new members from rushing. Sorority Rush Numbers Dip Slightly. Based on the results of a University committee, the administration banned freshman year rush last fall. Myth: Because of eating clubs, Greek life is redundant on campus. Frats and sororities often have mixers and parties together. The new policy will take effect as of Sept. 1. Background During the 2010-2011 academic year, President Tilghman convened the Working Group on Campus Social and Residential Life. Although Greek-letter organizations rejected in 2004 a proposal to move rush to the spring semester, you said in a recent Daily Princetonian article that the sororities would be happy to meet with the administration to discuss the proposal. More than $3,000 was raised as a result of these efforts. The committee is one of six groups being established to help enhance the undergraduate experience by implementing recommendations made … The collaborative efforts of the sororities focus on philanthropy and service. Whether you’re a student interested in rushing or just confused about all the news on the rush ban from last year, let’s clarify some facts and some myths about Greek life at Princeton and how it differs from other schools, focusing on the sororities. Sororities provide their members with a network of young women throughout their college experience and for the rest of their lives. Fact: Because of recent changes by the administration, freshmen can no longer rush. However, there’s also been some talk about banning Greek life outright. Yet how does Greek life fit in? Most schools I have researched ban fraternity/sorority rush until at least second-semester freshman year, and many until sophomore year. Among other issues, the Working Group considered the role of fraternities and sororities at Princeton. One of the events was a concert featuring the Grammy-nominated Haitian band Boukman Eksperyans. While fraternity and sorority leaders say they can enact reforms to become less discriminatory, some students are calling for the abolition of campus Greek life. When the clock strikes the hour, the door will fly open and you’ll see dozens of sorority girls screaming and dancing. Rush (verb) move with urgent haste "Oliver rushed after her" "I rushed outside and hailed a taxi" ... entertain (a new student) in order to assess suitability for membership of a college fraternity or sorority. 8 Insider Tips for Sorority Rush By Sammie Levin • Lifestyle August 30, 2016 at 12:00am Rushing a sorority can be more nerve-wracking and confusing than taking a calculus test. These organizations can contribute to a sense of social exclusiveness and often place an excessive emphasis on alcohol. Beginning in the fall of 2012, Princeton University will prohibit freshmen from affiliating with a fraternity or sorority or engaging in any form of "rush" at any time during the freshman year. There are currently over 1,000 chapters of the sorority nationwide. ... More Class at Penn, Less Rush at Princeton, and Vinny. Though Princeton has no fraternity or sorority houses on campus, about 15% of the student body still belongs to the 12 fraternities and four sororities that serve the school community. The University is also against the early fall rush. The sororities offer mentoring programs to the underclassmen that give members an academic support system. This spring the Panhellenic Council organized a series of fundraisers to raise awareness of the disaster in Haiti and to contribute to the UNICEF Haiti Relief Fund. Princeton offers something for everyone- and Greek life is just one of those things. There are also organizations like the Princeton University Mentorship Program and Princeton Women’s Mentorship Group, which also offer chances to meet and learn from upperclassmen. Events often take place in members’ rooms, the eating clubs, and off-campus. In addition, as one Kappa member puts it, “[Sororities] give you a smaller community within the student body and allow you to connect with older girls who can give you invaluable advice.” Many girls feel that sororities offer them a safe place, a sisterhood, in addition to networking and social opportunities they would not have gotten otherwise. Kelsey Platt ’11 is president of the Panhellenic Council, an umbrella organization for three Princeton sororities. An older sorority girl, who has temporarily disaffiliated from her chapter to be your guide (often known as a Rho Gamma or Rho Chi), will lead you and a bunch of other PNMs — potential new members — from house to house. Though Princeton's stance on Greek life is nothing new, on Tuesday the university announced that beginning in the Fall 2012 semester, any freshman who joins, rushes, or pledges a fraternity or sorority will face suspension. The image is from Sorority Sugar. //-->. I would wait to join a frat or sorority until after you've been at Princeton for a few months. This is a major reason why some girls might feel pressure to join a sorority. Sasha's famous mom did not join a sorority when she was an undergraduate at Princeton University in the '80s. The University is also against the early fall rush. The ban even extends to … It would not be possible to schedule recruitment in the spring because of conflicts with bicker. A 2007 survey conducted at Princeton University showed that white and higher income Princeton students are much more likely than other Princeton students to be in fraternities and sororities. An 11-member committee of Princeton students, faculty and staff has been formed to implement the new University policy that will prohibit freshmen from affiliating with a fraternity or sorority or engaging in any form of "rush" during freshman year. [CDATA[//>