I'm 110% satisfied. Of all the many types from different manufacturers of headphones I have had over many years I can safely say that I have found my Shangri-la! Wunderbare Auflösung, Räumlichkeit und Ortbarkeit sowohl in der Breite als auch in der Tiefe. Selling a new condition pair of Focal Elear headphones with less than 50 hours of use and a new JDS Labs DAC and amp. Instrument separation is decent but there is no life altering change in music. After many hours of listening to it, this headphone grew on me. I am not an audiophile so I won't be describing the Focal Elear headphone in audiophile terms because I don't know really what they mean. Excellent value for money unless you want to spend significantly more and are a treble detail nut. They cost $4000 while the cheaper Focal's were $1000. The look of the Elear does a great job of announcing its presence. Ideal to sit between the digital sources and your audiophile headphones, Arche is the perfect solution to fully enjoy your headphones, whilst benefiting from the performance delivered by the converter to drive high-fidelity loudspeakers! But even with all of that detail and separation they are never harsh or sibilant. Rigid carrying case with magnet locking system. The high-end mechanical design of Elear headphones allows the listener to enjoy the best listening conditions and they fit absolutely all ear shapes and sizes. Clarity layering and depth of field. Your recently viewed items and featured recommendations, Select the department you want to search in. Closed-back headphones for home and on-the-go use. Obviously Focal is a quick study; it realized that anyone buying a premium headphone expects certain extras, and supplied them with the Clear. Out of the box, crisp highs, clean mids and very present bass. It was a great experience but for only 3 months, after that the left side of my headphone simply stopped working. A headphone like Foster TH900 has more bass and treble but I found it to be tiring after an hour or so (and keeps falling of my head when I move around). These sound great on my current system ( Cayin and Allnic Headphone amps ). The widely held impression that headphone reduce listening space disappears, with Clear's innovative design. Focal Elear Review So I know Focal Elear isn't exactly new or exciting these days and this is a "late" review. Focal you have proved once again why your a leader in your field. Geschmeidigkeit bei den Streichern ohne Schärfen. elear utopia pad 1800x1023.jpg 1800×1013 466 KB. The Elear is a truly great example of a totally open-air design. Also, after also owning LCD-X's at the same time, the weight is quite good; comfortable to wear for hours on end. It's 'Made in France' know-how has been recognized for more than 40 years. I am a person who spends a lot of money on Hi-Fi, but I do not consider myself a audiophile. But overall the pros far outweigh the cons. One of the best headphones under $1,000.00 dollars. The Focals were originally over $1,400 and the amp and DAC were each $150, ordered from the US. That is very remarkable! Yet, clearly spending $1,000 on a pair of headphones isn’t for everyone. Thanks Focal for making a pair of headphones a few steps ahead of everyone else in this price category. A outstanding pair of headphones whilst I did not intend to spend this mount on headphones once you have listen to these you cannot go back, very comfortable stunning natural sound very pleased. Take a look at the chart below. Accept. Dave . Because at Focal, innovation goes beyond technology; it influences product use and aesthetics. GOOD SOUND STAGE 500+ Head-Fier. They are comfortable and airy. The acoustic quality allowed Focal to avoid the use of any crossover or passive filtering process to achieve a frequency response from 5Hz to 50kHz! The newest entry, Clear, will take its place between Utopia and Elear. Absolut langzeittauglich. 1MORE Triple Driver Over-Ear Headphones Comfortable Foldable Earphones with Hi-Res ... Monster Achieve 100 AirLinks Wireless Earbuds, Bluetooth 5.0 in-Ear Stereo Headphon... 50MM Drivers Studio Headphones MAONO AU-MH601 Over Ear Stereo Monitor Closed Back H... Monster Persona Active Noise Cancelling Headphones, Over Ear Bluetooth Wireless Hea... Skullcandy Hesh 3 Wireless Over-Ear Headphones, Black (S6HTW-K033). Why pay more if you don't have to. So far they sound amazing. Pictograms. The latest addition to Focal's top-end headphones range, Clear use the new generation of totally open backed full-range speakers, precisely revealing the tiniest details for ultra-realistic listening. Thanks to their sophisticated and inspired materials such as the carbon fiber yoke, which removed the conventional rotation included on the yoke and integrated it into the headband to ensure total purity of design, and genuine lambskin leather ear cushions, the listening experience is outstanding in terms of realism, natural sound reproduction, dynamics, and clarity. Member Mar 30, 2007 161 posts 21 upvotes Jun 21st, 2019 5:26 pm. UPS Ground Shipping. The bass is clearly deeper and more textured also. The first time I listened to the Elear I was not impressed and I thought of returning it. Then sold the Clear to get the Utopia. Focal Elear the sound of joy. Our commitment to innovation continues with the speaker drivers found in Clear, originally designed for Elear and Utopia. Drivers can't handle bass notes in Jazz with moderate volumes, Focal seems to think this is a feature and wants you to listen to low volumes. On the other hand, the Focal are better-built headphones and feel sturdier. The Focal Utopia and Elear headphones are considered among the best headphones in the world. I have the Pono player connected to the amp and I am listening to a Bill Evans high res album from HD Tracks:) Great sounding combination! I just wanted enough volume for toe-tapping without the driver in the headphone cracking/popping. You want these to be buried with you in the grave when you die.......along with your amp off course. Focal's got so many models I mix them up these days, but roughly 1.5-2 years ago I demoed the Focal Utopia with a Questyle dac/amp and a Bel Canto dac/amp combo. Beautifully built and super comfortable. Elear offers the world’s first wide range loudspeaker built-in to a pair of headphones. Made me sad because it was his Father's day gift and he was so excited to get them. Can get with Utopia pads for an extra $101, which basically makes them an Elex with better earpads. Whether it’s the motor, the frameless copper voice coil, the dedicated 110 micron surround or the “M”-shape inverted dome, Elegia's speaker drivers are a mass of innovation dedicated to sound purity. The acoustic quality of this exclusive solution allowed Focal to avoid the use of any crossover or passive filtering process in order to achieve a frequency response from 5Hz to 23kHz. While the revolutionary speaker drivers, with their aluminum/magnesium ‘M’-shaped domes enable Elear to provide strikingly realistic sound. Love this headphone. I own many headphones from mid-fi to high-end, several costing a lot more than the Elear but nevertheless it became my favorite headphone right there and then. Torq December 14, 2018, 11:36pm #2. I just received these headphones. Best pairing with chord mojo so far , left ear went out ,waiting for RMA , which has been submitted. IK HEB DEZE KOPTELEFOON FOCAL ELEAR TERUG GEZONDENENING, IK HEG EEN KOPTELEFOON GEKOCHT , MAAR DEZE VOLDEED NIET AAN ONZE WENSEN, WE HEBBEN DEZELFDE TERUG INGEPAKT EN WE WACHTEN OP DE TERUG BETALING VAN ONS BEDRAG 689 €. I haven't had that issue yet but I imagine that it will probably develop that problem due to the design of the headband. Lightweight and very comfortable to wear for hours on end. In NY if you leave in an apartment it is hard to have speakers. Please upgrade quality. Great frequency range super clear but accurate definitely can mix an entire record on these with out any surprises listening back on other reference speakers. | Free shipping on many items! The Focal Elear headphones sell for $999 US. These are also ridiculously easy to drive, which is refreshing. I am the original purchaser/owner of these fantastic cans. It sounds natural to me. Focal's Utopia has already become the quintessential high-fidelity headphone for audiophiles and music lovers. Taking them on and off is chore due to the headband not flexing much. Stax,Beyers,Senns,B&O. These are such delightful headphones. Since the bundle also includes the Focal Hard-Shell carrying case, it means you can take your Elear with you wherever you go. Their sound quality follows more our target curve with excellent mid and treble ranges. It's not all sunshine and roses, though. Best headphone I have hear until now. Have an overall dynamic presentation, making whatever I listen to sound exciting. Bluetooth Wireless Earbuds, Bluedio Ei TWS Wireless Headphones in-Ear Earphones wit... FOCAL Clear Over-Ear High-Resolution Audiophile Headphones (Gray), Focal Stellia Closed-Back Circum-Aural Over-Ear Headphones - Cognac, Hifiman Ananda Over Ear Planar Magnetic Headphones, Audeze LCD-2 Classic Over Ear Open Back Headphone with New Suspension Headband, Focal Spirit One S Premium Closed Back Headphones, HIFIMAN SUNDARA Over-Ear Full-Size Planar Magnetic Audiophile HiFi Headphones for Home/Studio, Dekoni Audio Elite Fenestrated Sheepskin Earpad Set for Focal Elear, Clear, Utopia, DN8PRO-XL Carrying case Compatible with Sennheiser HD700 HD650 HD660S HD600 HD580 HD565 Massdrop HD6XX HD58X Denon AH-D5200 AH-D7200 AH-D9200 Shure SRH1840 SRH1540 SRH840 Audeze EL-8 Headphones, NEW NEOMUSICIA Replacement Audio Upgrade Cable Compatible with Denon AH-D600, AH-D7200, AH-D7100, AH-D9200, AH-D5200, Meze 99 Classics, Focal Elear Headphones Black 1.5m/4.5ft, SMSL SP200 THX AAA 888 Balanced Headphone Amplifier 440mW/32Ω XLR Technology HiFi Stereo Home Audio Amplifier Desktop Amp AC Power Supply, IsoAcoustics OREA Series (Bronze - 8 lbs Max/pc), IsoAcoustics OREA Series (Indigo - 16 lbs Max/pc). THESE HEADPHONES ARE REALLY NICE. With their design even surpassing Elear in terms of openness, Clear simply makes you forget that you are wearing headphones. Elear will inspire you with its high-fidelity sound, and hours of listening pleasure. I hope Focal fixes this issue with the Elear. Please visit www.focal.com for more information and keep an eye on Focal… The drivers are also matched perfectly. Their sound quality follows more our target curve with excellent mid and treble ranges. It's also stiff which make it very hard to manage. Highly recommended. Focal Elear … The sound was like a real grand piano. $1,000 is a pretty steep price to pay for a pair of headphones, but it’s actually not that overpriced for audiophiles with a solid budget to devote to their passion. some of the most remarkable over-ear headphones in their class. In other words similar treble quality to $50K Focal speakers. Nevertheless, I decided to give it a try for a week before I made my final decision. Alberta, CANADA | June 17, 2016 - Focal, a leading French speaker and headphone manufacturer, today unveils the company’s newest line of three premium headphones; Utopia, Elear and Listen.Focal’s high-end headphones are the result of over 35 years of development and manufacturing of loudspeakers in France, including Utopia, a model that spared no expense in the development for the … Fully prepared for Focal Elear’s headphone magic to fade I asked Sanjay the price. Best headphones I've ever owned. About Us / Return Policy. It offers potential for maximum bass and loudness levels. This means that Clear has an exceptional performance with exclusive full-range speakers, revealing the tiniest details of musical creation. Focal Elear ear pads. They also interact more with the pinna and create a more open soundstage than the Focal. Last Updated: Jun 21st, 2019 8:11 pm; Category: Computers & Electronics; Home Theatre & Audio; Tags: ayreborn audio; focal ; audiophile; headphones; 499; SCORE +5. Open, balanced and defined personal audio comfort. Extra long cord ideal if your source equipment like mine is at opposite end of room to listening position. Some have complained about the creaking headband. This is the first headphone I could listen to for hours without my ears getting tired, without getting a headache and without my head getting sweaty. CES 2021. I just love these cans, they really deserve more attention! The unboxing xp was sensational! This very high-end circum-aural headphones manufactured at Focal is equipped with a new generation of exclusive electrodynamic speaker drivers, capable of working at low acoustic load while offering an extremely extensive frequency response (5Hz – 40kHz). And these do the job just perfect! Well enough to get you excited enough to count down the hours before you get to come home from work so you can spend some quality time listening. I bought them for my spouse who is way more into sound than I am and he was disappointed as there was a huge loss around 45khz and didn't pick up again till around 80, that gap along with the fact that the left speaker was quiet and and staticky caused me to return the item. Fanastic headphones, every bit as good as i had hope for thank you Focal a true warm punchy soundstage with nothing missing in my view! Thank you. Made in France in Focal's workshops, Clear take inspiration from the best of the technologies and developments made for our Utopia headphones. A perfect headphone for me. They are practically all-black, expect for the metallic silver finish on the cup hinges and logo. Showing 1–16 of 30 results Default sorting Sort by popularity Sort by latest Sort by price: low to high Sort by price: high to low The frequency range from lower bass to high treble, to me, is just right. The Focal website uses cookies to improve your navigation on the site, for statistical, audience measurement, advertising and personalisation purposes. It´s just a marvelous listening experience. Bass instruments have reverberance and character, not just blobs of fat amorphous thumps. Als Kopfhörerverstärker diente bei beiden der Audiovalve Solaris. So Arche is an all-in-one solution, which also offers presets for every set of Focal High-Fidelity headphones (Utopia, Stellia, Clear, Elegia et Elear) to make sure you get the absolute best from this ultimate combination: owners of Focal headphones can therefore be sure they are enjoying a combination of electronics and acoustics that is carefully thought out and specially developed from … After only two minutes or so into the listening session I told a salesman "I will take these please" and I went home carrying that huge box/display case. Kudos Focal!!! December 31, 2020. iFi Audio Micro iDSD Signature Review. I absolutely love my Elear, it's a fantastic product. The sturdy box has a magnetic locking mechanism and opens up to present a nice foam saddle in which to transport the Elear and its 4 meter (13 ft) cable. It is built like a tank. Inspired by the best technology and acoustic research that went into designing Utopia, our flagship headphones, they offer truly exceptional performance. Best headphones I've ever owned. Beautifully designed and manufactured. Please try again. I choose this model for affordability and best alternative to move from Sennheiser sound signature HD598, Elears have a tight bass that reminds me Focal's stand speakers, the treble doesn't bother me as many reviews claim, will try to swap different pads to modify sound, this is my first high-end headphone in a budget (above $500) I use Fiio desk amp/DAC that is kind of warm that maybe reduce the brightness a little bit. It has a very quality feel and the materials are premium. It is like eating food that has just the right amount of salt and spices that do not overwhelm your taste buds but makes you want to go back and eat more. Focal Elear overview and full product specs on CNET. I got them on a very good sale and I feel like I got a pretty good deal given the sound and paid a fair price given the build. Very comfortable to wear for long periods and comparable to much more expensive competition like the Audeze LCD2 and Hifiman HE series. [Ayreborn Audio] Focal Elear Audiophile Headphones $499. Quick delivery and very well packaged (box inside box inside box). Rediscover your favourite tracks like never before. Focal priced itself out of that range though with its other headphones. Focal is a French brand, world leader in high-fidelity solutions. Very pleased with the sound quality and they look amazing. Just a few days using them! This headphone can compete with most others, including headphones in the 2-3k$ range. Inspired by the best technology and acoustic research that went into designing Utopia, our flagship headphones, they offer truly exceptional performance. The Focal Elear comes in a classy carrying case. They could have included a lighter and shorter cable for the money - that's my only complain. The bass in the right channel is elevated by at least 1db compared to the left channel. Price is for a Pair. Next article Review: The Basslet – Portable Bass. I usually prefer a slightly recessed midrange. THE BEST SOUNDING HEADPHONES I HAVE EVER OWNED. Without the Mojo: Thanks Focal ! Hoher Tragekonfort. The Focal Elear comes in a very sturdy black box. By continuing to browse our website, you accept the use of these cookies. 13 Likes. Focal says the new headphone will be made available immediately at an MSRP of $1500. This model is loved for its increased sound isolation and the fact that it won't leak sound to your neighbors. Focal introduces Elear, for true audiophiles and music lovers who want to rediscover their favorite tracks with the finest of detail. FIRST HIGH-END closed-back headphones by Focal. The details are excellent. Jun 21st, 2019 5:26 pm #1; TomKat2 [OP] Jr. Je suis ouvert au échange Focal Utopia, in excellent condition, no smoke environment and pet free. Ich habe den Kopfhörer während einer Aktionsphase gekauft, in der er für 600€ zu haben war. Focal Elear Conclusion. Der Focal Elear kommt in einer magnetisch zugeclippten Box, die ganze Präsentation schreit "Das hier ist Qualitätsarbeit". It even has a little fabric strap to keep the top open. Escribo este análisis aun impresionado por la calidad de estos auriculares. Very good spacing, Excellent dynamics. To enjoy an incredible listening experience in total privacy, without worrying about a noisy environment disturbing this moment of pleasure: this is the promise made and kept by Elegia. I LOVE THESE HEADPHONES . Each pair of headphones features an identical frequency response curve of +/-0.5dB. Punchy, deep bass. For 40 years, Focal has developed high-end sound-enhancing solutions. There was a problem completing your request. It could come with an additional smaller cable though or 3.5mm adapter at least. It is very well built: solid structure, excellent detail, and holds well on my head so it doesn't fall if I move around. Very good sound and very comfortable. Less than an hour of run time on them but i am very impressed so far. They are excellent headphones. Treble is smooth and well extended. I use it with my Onkyo high-res player, it sounds As good as my main system that cost 10 times as much. Awesome! Elegia incorporates a new generation of exclusive full-range speaker drivers capable of operating in a small inner environment whilst ensuring exceptional dynamics and the most precise sound reproduction. Noise Cancelling Headphones Wireless Bluetooth 5.0,Fast Charge Over-Ear Lightweight... AfterShokz AS650 Air Open Ear Wireless Bone Conduction Headphones, Slate Grey. Desktop Speakers: iLoud MTM Studio Monitors, ADAM Sub 7 Just gorgeous in every respect. All Products. Stay tuned. In summary – the Focal Elear is a great-sounding headphone! Amazing build quality and comfort with great sound to back it up. After trying everything I could get my hands on at the $1000 range nothing compared to these! They have a … Excellent build quality and sound. Enough said - Utopia is King of Focal Headphones!! That's quite the achievement. Open new fields of emotion and feeling, by experiencing the intimacy of a personal listening session with Elear. Excellent low end with worm mids and smooth highs, very clean sounding with plenty details, slightly forward sounding. Manufactured in France, Arche is a unique electronic solution which combines a digital-analog converter as well as two pure class A amplification modes designed especially for headphones. It’s always best to start off a good headphone comparison with a look at the specs. Find a dealer - Support - Contact - My account - Registration English. In store and online since 2010. Manufactured in France, they are the result of 35 years of innovation, development and manufacturing experience. The sound quality is rich and detailed. Excellent clarity and dynamics. "Ear drum rupturing" kind of hitting dynamics is a drawback. The Skullcandy crusher headphone, which I refer to it as the king of bass, is very fulfilling for about 10-15mins but it gives me a headache. The amount of detail I am hearing from my existing music collection is amazing, such as instruments in a new clarity. Focal is a French brand, a world leader in the manufacture of high-fidelity solutions. By the way, they need some break in before they reach full potential. With the Mojo: The music comes to life. All of this makes them not that comfortable, especially when wearing them all day. The Focal Elear are great looking headphones that have a high-end and premium feel. So Arche is an all-in-one solution, which also offers presets for every set of Focal High-Fidelity headphones (Utopia, Stellia, Clear, Elegia et Elear) to make sure you get the absolute best from this ultimate combination: owners of Focal headphones can therefore be sure they are enjoying a combination of electronics and acoustics that is carefully thought out and specially developed from the very outset. Excellent for long periods ( I have used for upto 2 hours without issue) Hands down, these seem to be the first headphones I can mix/master on. Whilst I wouldn't class myself as an audiophile, I've always liked HiFi equipment and over the years convenience has taken more of a priority, whilst travelling so the need for Bluetooth headphones was a must but during lockdown and working from home I decided on the Elears (after a lot of research) and wow! Focal Elear with Clear pads. Sep 26, 2020 at 10:08 PM. Regards Condition is "Used". Im Hörvergleich sehr ähnlich: Kennerton Magister. COVID-19. Comes with the original box. True Wireless Earbuds, BuLife Bluetooth 5.0 Stereo Earphones,Smart TWS in-Ear Buds ... August EP650 Bluetooth Wireless Over Ear Headphones with aptX LL Low Latency / Mult... Sennheiser HD 660 S High-Resolution Audiophile Headphone. The mechanical design provides remarkably smooth and seamless style due to the solid aluminium yoke. Really wish it still came with the 4 meter cable, instead of just a 3 meter. For now i have some very mixed feelings about this product. Simply the best sound and highest quality pair of headphones at this price point. In any case seems very good. HEADPHONE A BIT HEAVY. Congrats Focal for a job well done! Get the best deal for Focal Headphones from the largest online selection at eBay.com. Thanks to the many cutting-edge technology which are integrated in its speaker drivers (the frameless 100% copper voice coil, ‘M’-shaped pure Beryllium dome), Stellia delivers a perfect sound, whether bass articulation or the highest frequency details. The Focal Elear Bundle Sale is only available in North America. Open backed, technophile friendly headphones manufactured in France with the finest materials and leading acoustic research. Klanglich weit über seiner Preisklasse, das Beste, das ich bislang auf den Ohren hatte. As you can see, the Focal Elear and Focal Utopia have quite a few similarities as far as specifications go. The box is well padded and makes a great place to store the Elear when not in use. These cans beat every other headphones in the same price range. Havent heard any ot the other Focals but very happy with these. / Pages: 1 2 3. Can complete this review only after some time. Fantastic Sound. Looking forward to listening to my collection of opera, choral and orchestral music. If the treble isn't to your liking, it can easily be EQ'ed. Gut aufgelöster, satter Bass. They come with a long, sturdy cable, which in my case it is not a problem. Would highly recommend to use it with a decent amp somewhere of same value of it. Zero resonance, excellent soundproofing: the naturalness and realism of the sound is striking from the first few seconds of listening. The mechanical design provides remarkably smooth and seamless style due to the solid aluminum yoke. To fully enjoy your music and amplify yours emotions, discover Arche, a perfect audiophile DAC and amplifier to combine with your hi-fi headphones. Vancouver store and we ship across Canada. Simply, amazing. Each Elear and Utopia is handcrafted by a two-person team at the Focal factory in France; one tech makes the driver, the other one makes the rest of the headphone. great build quality also just feel and look so good, Elear are audiophile open-backed headphones manufactured in France by Focal. The mechanical design provides remarkably smooth and seamless style due to the solid aluminium yoke. Entrez dans l’univers Focal. One review I read before I purchased them put it nicely, "You can't wear these while working because you will get nothing done." After a week of use I think it has improved and mellowed a bit. Espace recrutement Thank you, Focal. Clamp is a little strong, but could probably be stretched out a bit, however, I deferred doing this due to it is a loaner and didn’t want to change anything. Clear are audiophile circum-aural open-back headphones. The 'M'-shape Aluminum/Magnesium dome benefits from a new copper voice coil. These Focal Elears, for me at least, provide that feeling of actually being at the live performance. Aluminum yoke, leather headband, microfibre ear cushions: all the materials used for Elear were chosen with care to optimize comfort while reducing the weight of the headphones. This rigid carrying case is an elegant way of transporting Focal Utopia or Elear headphones and a ca.. $199.00 . All orders under $300 qualify for free UPS Ground shipping. I'm confident that I've made the right decision to have purchased these wonderful headphones. Focal Elear Conclusion. Any $1,000 headphone needs to do something really, really well. Espace presse. They really make me feel like I am listening to a big stereo system, and I have to sometimes double check if my stereo system is just playing to the headphones and not the speakers when I am listening to Elear, because the sound stage is big and dynamic so it makes me believe that my speakers are also playing while I have my headphones connected. When listening to Utopia, the headphones virtually disappear and the audio signal is revealed with a level of precision never before achieved. The Elear and the top-of-the-line Utopia headphones were designed from the ground up by Focal, with tooling developed by Focal engineers in a process consuming four years. They represent a new evolution of Focal’s now famous completely open-back full-range speaker driver. Smooth and warm mids. Canada's Favorite Shopping Site! They are also very stiff but don't clamp as much as I would like. Explore Elear today. Elear est un casque audiophile ouvert fabriqué en France par Focal. Could anyone comment a little more on fit? Also apparently these guys have a 365 day return policy, which is insane. Purchased a pair in Jan for my b day. Overall, these are great. It's my favourite open back headphones. Großartig - wenn man die Klangcharakteristik mag. The build is stunning and something to be proud of owning. A solid aluminum yoke, memory foam ear cushions, and mechanical design contribute to the seamless marriage of style and high-quality sound that define Elear. Focal est une marque française, leader mondial dans la fabrication de solutions haute-fidélité. Build quality is as good as people say and i find them to be reasonably comfortable. I have been struggling as to find the right word as to describe the look. 1 year warranty cant go wrong. Beautifully tonal. The 80 Ohm impedance means that the Elear will do fine on headphone outputs with no more than 10 Ohm output impedance, higher will accentuate the 80Hz region. Focal Canada. That said, it's definitely not a problem with every track so probably something to do with how it was mixed and/or mastered. Easily the best headphones I've ever owned. Beautiful craftsmanship, good soundstage and amazing sound: Bass is deep and powerful. Clear’s full-range speakers and open back design reveal the tiniest musical details. Excellent sounding headphones. Focal Hard Shell Carrying Case for Headphones . The Elear was a thousand dollar headphone when it released. By browsing this website, you consent to our use of cookies to improve your user experience and to deliver personalised content to you. Brilliant headphones. I can't get enough of it! However once at the dealer's store I saw these stunningly beautiful, muscular-looking headphones all dressed in black and silver. Has a good depth in soundstage. I wish to thank the team at Focal for this exceptional headphone. I will try and update this after i have had some listening time with these. Only had a short time so far but really loving the sound. Treat yourself and listen with great equipment. The Elear tests at an impressive demonstrated frequency response of 5Hz to 23kHZ.

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