Brought to you from quite a famous brewery, the Boston Beer Company really has created an excellent pilsner. Yuengling Light Lager. The name altbier, which originated in the 1880s, refers to the traditional brewing process of using top-fermenting yeasts. 2) Stella Artois. This one is a true victory for your palate with a clean and sweet taste to it. Best Lager Beer – Ten of the Finest Lagers in the US 2021 Pivo Hoppy Pilsner- Firestone Walker, CA. Lager brews were a big part of that movement, and are now commonly ordered around the world on a daily basis. Essentially, pilsner is a type of lager with some subtle tweaks to the ingredients that ultimately results in a more balanced flavor between sweet malts and bitter hops. 5) Kronenbourg. Creemore Springs is a brewery in Creemore, Ontario, Canada, which first opened in 1987. BEST LIGHT LAGER. Different Types of Lager Beer Dunkel. It is these bottom fermenting yeasts that allow for a more flexible lower temperature. Brewed by the Saint Louis Brewery this lager is a true craft beer. If yes than use this list of popular Lager beers to find some beers that you haven't tried yet. As well as the low temperature, lager fermentation uses bottom fermenting yeast which is very different from ales. Released in 1975, it changed the modern brewing scene by offering drinkers a low-calorie, low-alcohol beer option. The ABV of 4.5% is about average, and light enough to have a couple in one sitting. The name itself originated from a Czech town called Pilsen where these recipes originate from, and to this day, the town is still home to one of the most popular breweries in Europe. The final one on our best lagers list is this one from Colorado, and it is a very clean and fruity beer. It’s also available in larger bottle sizes, and with an ABV of 6.0%, you might not want to enjoy too many of these. They are easily drinkable, go great with lighter meals, are perfect for warmer days, and most importantly, if you’re planning on having several, the lower ABV is key! (2), “The major difference between these two beer families stems from the temperature at which fermentation is carried out. Hite. Founded in 1996, BeerAdvocate is the go-to beer resource for millions of consumers each month and the benchmark for beer reviews. Yes, you read that right, someone has come up with the idea and a pretty good recipe for a very unusual craft beer. Altbier, meaning old beer, is a German beer style which originated in Düsseldorf.The style falls somewhere between a lager and an ale—the beers are fermented warm like ales but are then aged cool like lagers. There are the normal ales and lagers, but if you fancy it, there are also beers that taste of … Source: German Beer Institute. Yuengling Traditional Lager. ... Frankenmuth Munich Style Dunkel Lager. Any lager or ale where the addition of spice or other adjunct (coffee, for example) is a key ingredient and important flavour and aroma component. Cigar City is in Tampa, Florida, so these guys know a thing or two about creating a beer that is refreshing on hot and humid days. It’s a very dry and crisp beer with a perfectly acceptable 5.0% ABV. Bluejacket. But this pilsner beer has the perfect balance of bitterness from the hops and sweetness from the malts. Using malted barley and American hops, this premium beer is wonderfully refreshing. It’s a fresh and crisp style that has just the right balance of hop and sweet malt. It has the authentic flavor of dark lager and has a prominent... Munich Helles. Styles commonly classified as lagers include: Helles, a pale malty lager brewed in southern Germany around Munich. The Beer Store will use the information you provide on this form to be in touch with you and to provide updates and marketing. With 27 entries from Alberta breweries, this was the second-most competitive category this year. Here is a list of 15 amazing craft lager beers, emulating the popular style but with that craft beer taste! Sometimes you have to stick with a tried and true brew. You won’t have too many of these, as the flavor is quite strong, but still very enjoyable. For a lager, it’s also quite strong at 5.4% ABV, which in my books is a bonus. Beers ranked from worst to best. You want craft! Creemore Springs is a brewery in Creemore, Ontario, Canada, which first opened in 1987. The ABV of 4.8% has stayed the same though. It’s a Muenchener Hell style beer, which is one of the most popular beer styles to come out of the Bavarian South. Foster's Lager is an internationally-distributed brand of lager.It is owned by the international brewing group Asahi Group Holdings., and is brewed under licence in a number of countries, including its biggest market, the UK, where the European rights to the brand are owned by Heineken International.. An estimated $661 billion worth of beer was sold around the world in 2017. For a less expensive mass-market beer, Leine’s is fairly complex. 15 Best Peanut Butter Beers With The Ultimate Sweet & Nutty Flavor, The 5 Best Beer Cocktail Recipes That Will Wow Your Guests, All The Different Types of Beer EXPLAINED. Inspired by poppies of Flanders Field in Belgium, this Belgian-style sour beer is brewed from a brown ale base (Lost Abbey’s Dawn Patrol), blended with lager (Amigo Lager), and aged in oak barrels for more than a year. Hop heads often come under attack for not paying enough attention to different types of beer, especially the lighter and brighter beer varieties out there – like lager. The bottom-fermented techniques used to brew it result in a crisp, refreshing beer, though it's a surprisingly diverse group. Created by the Firestone Walker Brewing Company, this is one of the easiest lagers to drink, it is exceptionally light with the added sweetness from German pilsner malts. Category 49: German-Style Dark Lager - 127 Entries Gold: Pious Monk Dunkel, Church Brew Works - Lawrenceville Brewery, Pittsburgh, PA Silver: Black Lager, Bingo Beer Co., Richmond, VA … This lager has its origins in Shenyang city, … These are my top non-alcoholic beers, broken down by style – lagers, pale ales (including IPAs), dark beers and stouts, wheat beers and sour beers. Historically, all beers were fermented with one particular strain of yeast – with a few variations. Browse the top-ranked list of Popular Lager Beers below along with associated reviews and opinions. Brewed with imported malt and hops, this 4.2% European-style lager offers a light, crisp and refreshing flavour, with a clean finish. The list you're viewing contains items like Miller Lite and Budweiser. Of the 10 most popular beers in the world, half are nearly unknown in the United States. The brewers went very easy on the hops which means there is practically no bitterness to it. This craft beer is a true thirst quencher, and unlike many other lagers, it introduces a bit more bitterness through a selection of German hops. It was first... Steinlager is a lager-style beer brewed by Lion Nathan in Newmarket, a suburb of Auckland, New... Tooheys Extra Dry, commonly referred to as a TED (Tooheys Extra Dry), is a dry style lager... Tooheys New is a standard Australian lager and the most popular of the Tooheys' beers owned by... Upper Canada Brewing Company is a brewery in Guelph, Ontario, Canada. Some of the most popular beers in the world are lagers. Originally brewed with just malts and practically no hops, the recipe has changed a little over the years. You’d be excused for thinking it was an IPA or Sour, but the taste will reconfirm that it really is a lager. Brewed by the Saint Louis Brewery this lager is a true craft beer. I think this is probably one of the smallest breweries featured on this list, and I personally had never heard of them. The 4.5% ABV is about average for a lager and means you can enjoy a couple more. Well, it’s because lager is the most popular beer on the planet. Crisp, smooth and mellow, this lager is an easy-drinking beer from Bavaria. Roasted caramel malt provides a subtle sweetness, while Cascade hops provide balance. Alcohol-free and non-alcoholic explained All the beers below come in at 0.5% ABV or less and many are completely alcohol free. Brewery / Brand: Granville Island Brewing, Brewery / Brand: New Holland Brewing Company. Americans mostly associate Oktoberfest beers with the richly malted Märzen (meaning March), a copper-toned lager historically brewed in early spring and lagered, or … North of the border in New South Wales, the locals prefer the beer with the stag on the can. There are subtle tones of honey, grapes, and spices, which does break from tradition a bit. Lager is the most common type of beer in the world. Embracing the American lager style for over 125 years, this 12 IBU lager is the reliable choice for anyone seeking consistency in their beer. Sure, most lagers you find are “mass market” beers, but as the list shows, there are  plenty of amazing craft lagers too. Lager beers are best served with chicken and seafood; their caramel taste and their crispness cut through palates enhancing the taste of these foods. You’ll also notice the smooth flavor of slow-roasted caramel malts which give it such a unique flavor. It’s an excellent option to accompany spicy food and has an ABV of 5.5%. Yuengling Light is made by America’s Oldest Brewery who is a master of flavor and craft, and have channeled those skills into a lighter beer with only 98 calories per bottle. However, in testing, we just couldn’t see ourselves picking this beer first out of a cooler. Compared to other lagers, it is quite dark, thanks to a longer brewing process. The list shows the top beers, based on our weighted average formula, which effectively rates all beers against each-other. Amber lager is immensely popular in the U.S. Lost Abbey brewers like to say, “this beer is not for the faint of heart.” Check out this page for some of our favorite pilsner beers. The ABV is 4.9%, making it perfect as a summer refreshment. A lager beer is a style of beer that is fermented at lower temperatures than most other types.The minimum temperature at which yeast will convert sugar to alcohol is about 58F, and brewers of lager will aim to get the temperature as close to that as possible. Narragansett Lager 3) Corona. 10 Best Canadian Beers to Drink on National Lager Day . By combining salt, cracked pepper, mustard seed, and horseradish flavors, it really is like a sandwich in a bottle. Enjoy with care. Are you a beer lover? The historic Sydney brand was founded by Irish immigrants, the Tooheys Brothers, way back in 1869 and continues to brew in the blue-collar suburb of Lidcombe today, producing the easy-drinking lager Tooheys New, the dark ale Tooheys Old and the crisp Tooheys Extra Dry. Almost 6.2 billion gallons of beer are produced each year. Eisbock is an often forgotten lager style in which some of the beer’s water is frozen and removed to help concentrate the flavors (and amplify the ABV). It is one of the stronger pilsners out there with 5.5% ABV. This is a more amber lager and comes to you all the way from Canada where it is brewed with the freshest spring water. Fear not. In fact, when you think of each country’s most well-known (and often most sold) beers, or its most famous export beers, chances are you are talking about a lager. And with an ABV of 4.5%, there is every reason to enjoy a couple of cold ones. Spoetzl Brewery’s Shiner Beer updated its Ruby Redbird lager in 2019 with nutrition facts faux-dive bars will be fawning over: It contains 95 calories, 3.1 grams of … Original Organic Lager – Mill Street Brewery (Scarborough, ON) This 100% all natural certified organic lager is Ontario’s first organic lager. With strong hoppy notes from the Pacific Northwestern Cascade hops, you get a wonderful bitterness added in. The Nite Lite Craft Light Lager from Night Shift Brewing in Massachusetts converted anti-light lager craft fans. And rightly so, as it was both the best-selling beer in New England from the 1930s to the ‘70s and at one point the official beer of the Boston Red Sox from 1944-1975. Do you enjoy a nice brew from time to time? Miller Lite is the “original light beer” and, despite its numerous competitors, it remains one of the best you’ll find. The ABV of 5.0% is also decent enough, making it ideal for all types of spicy and barbequed food. The Nite Lite is a lager at its cleanest, most balanced, and bubbliest. According to estimates, an average American man drinks about 23 gallons of beer in a year. Try some for yourself! Franconian and... Amber Lager. This brings a nicer balance, which I personally appreciate a lot. This is thanks to the unique open fermentation process using both lager and farmhouse yeast. How do Beer And Cannabis Affect The Body When Taken Together. Snow is the world’s best-selling beer, which is interesting because most people outside China have never heard of it. Brewed in the Czech tradition with more hops than German pilsners tend to use, it has got a lot more bitterness to it. Brewed with corn for added sweetness and lime juice to add some tartness, it does have an unmistakable flavor to it. This slows down the chemical processes of fermentation which contribute to the clean and crisp flavor. It’s a fresh and crisp... 2. At the same time though, the sweet flavor of the malts is most prominent, but it doesn’t leave a long lingering sweetness. If you’re planning a summer BBQ and want to provide some very easy to drink refreshments, then this should be your top choice. For example: That said, if you’re reading 52Brews, then you are probably not into mass-market beers like these. In... Hite Brewery Company Limited is a South Korean brewery company headquartered in... Michelob is a line of beers by Michelob Brewing Co. Red Stripe is a 4.7% abv, pale lager brewed by Desnoes & Geddes in Jamaica. However, these additions work really well, making it a very drinkable lager. Gold: … Beer knurds: What are your favorite brews? Amazon, the Amazon logo, AmazonSupply, and the AmazonSupply logo are trademarks of, Inc. or its affiliates. This light colored traditional German Helles style is truly made for drinking, just as the label says. There are more than 400 different types of beer. 3. 1) Best - Peroni. Vienna Lager is a biscuity, amber style of beer with a signature toasty flavor and dryness. Schlafly Summer Lager. This is one of the most unique lagers on this list, and it is a bit of an “either you love it or hate it” style beer. This is a lager for those of us that usually prefer the ales and sours, so it suits me just perfectly. Lagers include many of America's famous beers, including Budweiser, Busch Lite, Coors, Miller Genuine Draft, and PBR. The list of beers below was compiled based on the beer’s taste (International Bitterness Units … 4) Red Stripe. Lager beers originated in Northern Europe, in what is now Germany and Austria. List of Lager beers, listed alphabetically with photos when available. (1). The ABV of 5.5% is also on the stronger side for a lager. Not just a cool label, this pilsner will cool you down and provide refreshment on a hot sunny day. 15 Credit: Alamy. Click Here for the Ranking of America's 10 Best-Selling Beers (Slideshow) According to VinePair, these are the 10 best-selling beers in America, listed from least to most popular: Heineken, Busch, Michelob Ultra, Busch Light, Natural Light, Corona Extra, … In the past 15 years the beer movement has made huge progressions, with craft beers becoming a delicacy more enjoyed than the standard beers that were so common in the 80's and 90's. When you first pour this craft lager, you’ll notice that it has an almost cloudy appearance. Created by the Grupo Modelo brewing company, this is one of the most popular lagers to come out of Mexico. Snow. Leinenkugel’s Original is a satisfying lager that tasted of wheat with some hoppy bitterness at the finish. This dark lager beer has its origin in Germany and it comes in two different varieties, viz. Master the difference in lager and pilsner in the Beer Tasting Mastery Course. 15 Great Lager Beers 1. And the importance of these differences in temperature is that chemical reactions happen more slowly at lower temperatures.” – Fred Eckhardt, Brewing Expert at Brewers Anonymous. Created by the Grupo Modelo brewing company, this is one of the most popular lagers to come out of... 3.

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