What I found was not pretty. Reply. curious agonizing unknown Lyrebird. I`m not sure if its ok when I laugh about what happened to littlefoots mom. 13 images (& sounds) of the The Land Before Time cast of characters. Littlefoot’s mother’s death was certainly tragic and a standout in the first movie. watch the first movie. An actual fricken dinosaur who used to live on this earth who had a family! Even Littlefoot is like "dammmnnnnn mom you're legit." Littlefoot then yawned for a few seconds, which caused the four of them to chuckle softly. Ever since I read all of death not First of all I must risk being considered a cynic by stating that I think that for the relationship between Littlefoot, Cera, Ducky, Petrie, and Spike the death of Littlefoot's mother was (forgive me the choice of … I'm 20 and I still tear up like a baby at that scene, the only reason I don't curl up into a ball and full-out cry is because I have a roommate. COPYRIGHT OF Universal Picture The Land Before Time: Littlefoot's Mom Dies There this scene where Littlefoot's mom dies and, it's so heartbreaking. it's a cold case now, so we may never know who is the monster who did it. Rooter, voiced by the late Pat Hingle, is one of the minor characters in The Land Before Time film series. Greetings F-14 Ace and welcome to the Gang of Five! little foots mother died protecting little foot and sara from the "sharp tooth". Universal Pictures So they're both safe now and Cera runs off without even thanking Littlefoot's mother which, tbh, rude right? He has only appeared in the original The Land Before Time, but is viewed by many as one of the more powerful characters from the film. While this went on, the grandparents did the same. Well, based on speculation, I have thought of how each of the movies and the TV Series would be have different. Good for you, I guess, if you can get a chuckle out of it. Reply. It is an interesting what if question. awee! the sharp tooth bit into her neck and spine(the "long necks" spine is very important because if it is injured they cannot get up) Littlefoot curled up on her back, and his eyelids slowly closed, and he drifted off to sleep. Photos of the The Land Before Time (Movie) voice actors. He is referred to merely as a "mole-like" dinosaur,1 but upon further inspection, bears resemblance to Scolosaurus. It was Shadow in the muddy hole and Bambi’s mom and Littlefoots mom and the old lady leaving behind Todd all over again. Stray-Sketches Nov 13, 2013. The land before time mom dies. One day he comes from work to find them all murdered in cold blood, his home ruined and wife and daughter violated! But what if somehow she had survived? What would have happened to the LBT universe? Basically she dies protecting him from a sharp tooth (T Rex Hi dears this is a request! It was every dog or cat abandoned on an empty stretch of road that slowly comes to a stop when they realize they can’t catch up to the car and their family inside it. duh! .. Aww yeah this is the strip you can read normally or like a manga and it completely changes the context of what's being shown. When this happened, the mother and father both looked at one another, and nuzzled on another for a while lovingly.

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